Where the hell has this game got to?

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#1 Posted by senote (96 posts) -

Anybody know where this game is? It seems to have dropped off the face of the earth :(

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#2 Posted by Juvenfly (129 posts) -

There can be only one.
But seriously...I don't ever even recall hearing anything about this game.  Is there a new movie or something?  Seems awfully late for a tie-in.

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#3 Posted by senote (96 posts) -

The game has been kicking around for a few years now, it's an all new project no movie tie-in etc, sounded like it will or would be quite good, there was even a trailer for it somewhere, but nothing has been heard for a year or more. The only thing that does spring to mind is that one of the producers or writers etc of Highlander recently died so maybe there is an IP rights issue or something.

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#4 Posted by Gizmo (5467 posts) -


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#5 Posted by Shadow71 (282 posts) -

Why is there a 2011 release date listed, is this still really coming out?

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#6 Posted by LlamaLlama (188 posts) -

Just announced on IGN that its cancelled
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#7 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
@LlamaLlama said:
" Just announced on IGN that its cancelled "
The news is spreading around, but yep.  The game was canned.
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#8 Posted by MisterChief (832 posts) -

Spoony will be gutted.

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#9 Posted by CurtMan2k7 (136 posts) -

that sux, from the trailer it looked promising and with other stuff eidos/square enix has done would've been really kool
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#10 Posted by TheHT (14377 posts) -

Bummer. Those screenshots look good, and the whole Highlander story seems interesting. I only remember seeing a bit of the movie with Sean Connery that a bit cheesy and that TV show with Mr. Eyeborgs.

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#11 Posted by Rohok (581 posts) -

I'm just a big fan of the show, really wish this wasn't canned.

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