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    Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 30, 1995

    This Jaguar CD game is based on the Highlander: The Animated Series, a TV spin-off of the Highlander movie, and follows the Immortal Quentin MacLeod in his quest to avenge his mother's death.

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    Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods is a licensed action-adventure game from Lore Design that follows the events of the 1994 French-Canadian/American cartoon Highlander: The Animated Series which the game frequently uses clips from as exposition in its cutscenes.

    The game released on October 30th, 1995 for the Atari Jaguar CD, during the launch window of the console's CD add-on peripheral. A PC port of the game was announced by Atari Interactive but was never released.


    The game uses fixed camera perspective and polygonal models for its characters on top of 3D Pre-rendered Backgrounds. The game is similar, both stylistically and in terms of gameplay, to the Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark games, in that players move through the game world battling monsters, collecting items and solving puzzles to progress further into the game.


    Quentin MacLeod, a young immortal, discovers that his mother has been murdered and fellow villagers kidnapped. Quentin then embarks on a quest to defeat the one responsible for this, Kortan.


    The character animation within the game made use of Motion Capture Animation.


    It is believed that somewhere, midway into level 2, there is a subliminal message of a half-naked Scottish woman, although this has never been confirmed.


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