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Tiger's Roar; one of several taverns in Highpass Hold.
Tiger's Roar; one of several taverns in Highpass Hold.

Highpass Hold is an outdoor village of inhabitants at the peak of the mountains in the center of the continent. To the west lie the plains of Karana and to the east is the deadly Kithicor Forest. Anyone travelling between Qeynos and Freeport must pass through here if they wish to avoid the likes of trolls and ogres. McCabe's militia patrols the area in attempt to keep the growing threat of Deathfist orcs and invading gnolls at bay. Many merchants can be found amid the threat of orc ambushes. Also hidden in the pass is a society of smugglers known as the Circle of the Unseen Hand who are led by the legendary rogue, Stanos Herkanor. Many believe that McCabe not only knows about them, but is in league with them and the rogue guilds of both Qeynos and Freeport. It would certainly help explain the lavish nature of the Keep and the embattlements that protect the pass.

Neighboring Zones


  • Carson McCabe
  • Corrupt Qeynos Guards
  • The Freeport Militia
  • Guards of Qeynos
  • HighHold Citizens
  • Highpass Guards
  • Merchants of Highpass
  • Karana Residents

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmaster
Circle of Unseen HandsRoguesStanos Herkanor

Commerce & Tradeskills

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
The Golden RoosterAlcohol, General SuppliesBrewing
Greenbanes' WeaponsWeaponsPotteryForge
The LumberyardAlcoholBrew Barrel
Pottery BarnFood, General SuppliesPotteryKiln, Pottery Wheel
Serpent SupplyFood, WaterTailoringKiln, Pottery Wheel
Tiger's RoarAlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel, Oven


Notable NPCs

  • Anson McBale
  • Captain Ashlan
  • Captain Orben
  • Cyrla Shadowstepper
  • Dyllin Starsine
  • Grenix Mucktail
  • Hagnis Shralok
  • Stanos Herkanor

Notable Items

  • Head of Stanos
  • Polished Granite Tomahawk
  • Ragebringer
  • Raw-hide Armor
  • Shiny Brass Halberd
  • Shiny Brass Idol
  • Shralok Pack
  • Testament of Vanear Page

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