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    The Male protagonist of Pokemon Black/White.

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    Hilbert is the male protagonist of Pokemon Black and White, the fifth generation of the main series franchise of Pokemon.


    Hilbert differs from the previous male protagonists in that he is playable in his teenage years as opposed to the primary 10-year old protagonism of the previous games.


    Hilbert receives a gifted parting from Professor Juniper, his first Pokemon as a gift from his family, and sets off into a journey accompanied by his two childhood friends Bianca and Cheren.

    Special Appearances

    Pocket Monsters BW The Hero of Thunder and Fire

    Main protagonist wielding a Tepig at hand.

    Pokemon Adventures

    Male protagonist entrusted with the Unova PokeDex.


    Hilbert's name signifies War/Warrior derrived from the Germanic root hild.

    Fame Checker

    The webcomic Black Adventures is centric around Pokemon Trainer Black with his friends with the accompaniment of N.


    • From a bird's eye view, Hilbert's hat resembles a regular Poké Ball.
    • Hilbert and Hilda are the first main series protagonists of the franchise not to have pre-requisite names given by choice for the entitled player's choice. Their programmed name is specified when encountering the counterpart for the Batttle Subway.
    • During two different cross points within the game, Cheren mentions having befriended Bianca for approximately ten years and acknowledges the protagonist's friendship has lasted their entire lives. This suggests the aging is at least above ten they more than likely did not meet Bianca until they were several years older.

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