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    Hilde von Krone

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    A Princess who leads her army into battle, Hildegard von Krone is the protector of the Wolfkrone Kingdom in the Soul Calibur series. She wields a spear and a short sword as her weapons.

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    Hildegard von Krone is crown princess of the European Kingdom of Wolfkrone, located near the cursed city of Osthreinsburg where the azure knight, Nightmare and Soul Edge reside. Her father the king was once a kind-hearted and fair ruler, but was driven insane on the night of the Evil Seed (in between Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II). Because of his madness it was decided that it would be best to sentence him to a lifetime isolated in a chamber on top of Wolfkrone tower. Because of this the kingdom looked toward the throne's successor, Hildegard, for leadership, forcing her to take up the throne at a young age. Through her leadership Wolfkrone was able to resist the invading forces of Osthreinsburg led by the azure knight. Because of her early succession Hilde never was able to experience the joys of childhood, but instead was faced with the pressures of adulthood. Eventually she became powerful enough to lead her country on the front lines. For this, she bears a grudge against Nightmare and makes it her mission to defeat him for the benefit of her nation.

    One day Hilde learned that Soul Edge was becoming stronger and planned a march into Osthreinsburg. Along the way she encountered a group of mercenaries. One of them told her of a man who planned to storm the castle by himself. Hilde was able to locate the man, Siegfried Schtauffen, and offered her help to him in his task. However Siegfried refused, saying that this was something he needed to do on his own. Regardless, Hilde carried on. At dawn she left, prepared to destroy Soul Edge once and for all.


    Soul Calibur IV

    Hilde encounters Siegfried at the top of the tower. She claims that it was his fault that all of this happened to begin with. Siegfried does not deny his guilt. Instead he asks her to kill him, to put an end to his legacy and that of the two swords. Hilde approaches him with her weapon raised, however, she then lowers it stating to Siegfried that true warriors think of others, not of themselves. Hilde then absolves Siegfried of all his sins and smiles.


    Hilde as a Soul Calibur character is a bit unusual and unique. Unlike the majority of the female characters in the series, Hilde wears a full suit of armor into battle. Her second player costume is simply a modest dress that would normally be worn by nobility.

    Hilde uses a two-weapon fighting style, Große Erbschaft, wielding a long spear in one hand and a short sword in the other. Her spear is used for vertical attacks, allowing her to thrust at her opponents from a significant distance. However, her sword, which is used for horizontal attacks, has a much shorter range and requires her to get in close in order to strike with it. This also means that Hilde can quickly and effectively switch between being a long range or short range fighter.


    • Glänzende Nova and Frischer Himmel
    • Corseca and Broadsword
    • Scorpion
    • Eisonowaki and Kandachi
    • Zhang Ba Shemao
    • Ga-Derg and Ga-Boi
    • Eighteenth Hole (joke weapon)


    • Wolfkrone Monument


    • Hilde's name comes from the old German words hild and gard, which means war and protection
    • The symbol of Wolfkrone is the Wolf
    • Her default weapons name's means New Border and Fresh Sky
    • her fighter style means Great Inheritance

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