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Hime is the "Guardian God" of the colonizing ship Shifu has control of. Hime rests in a stasis chamber where Shifu reluctantly awakens her. She refuses Shifu's order to kill Suguri saying "You only want to eliminate her and everyone on this planet because of your own selfishness..". After refusing Shifu forces Hime to fight Suguri by threatening to detonate the civilian block of the ship. Hime introduces herself politely to Suguri before asking her to come with her. Hime fights Suguri while exiting the ship to reduce the danger to it's civilians. Before the final battle Hime relates to Suguri in the desire to protect their own kind.

Attacks in SUGURI

  • Multiple Enemies
  • Circular energy based bullet spread
  • Multiple energy projectiles
  • Large energy beams that can sweep full screen
  • Large chains fired in all directions
  • Horizontal energy spears that can't be dashed through
  • Circular pattern energy spears that can't be dashed through
  • Full screen circular energy based bullet pattern with energy spears
  • Multiple circular bullet pattern attack normally three patterns at a time
  • Massive eight beam attack that rotates along the entire screen clock wise and counter clock wise

Attacks in Acceleration Of SUGURI


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