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    The North American subsidiary of Himeya Soft that formerly operated an online store called HimeyaShop and localized various titles created by C's Ware.

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    Himeya Soft, Inc. USA was the North American branch of Himeya Soft, a Japanese adult video game distributor that published several adult PC titles. The US branch was founded in March 1998 in California and was responsible for localizing several titles created by Himeya Soft's C's Ware subsidiary along with other adult titles [5]. Some of the first games they published include titles such as Amy's Fantasies, Love Potion and KOTOBUKI [8][9]. Perhaps the most famous game released by the company was the English version of Eve Burst Error, a command-based adventure game designed by the late Hiroyuki Kanno and the only non-adult title published by Himeya Soft.

    Himeya Soft USA also operated an online store that opened in August 1998 and began business in earnest around March 2000 where they sold their own titles as well as various imported Japanese media [4][7]. Later on the store was reopened under the name HimeyaShop sometime in 2005 and in 2008 a second store called ErogeShop was launched that sold adult products exclusively [2][3].

    The last video game to be translated by Himeya Soft was Eve Burst Error's sequel called Adam: The Double Factor in 2001. In 2010 Himeya temporarily closed their online stores in order to reorganization their business to deal with the yen's rapid appreciation [2]. However, the stores never reopened and Himeya Soft's Japanese branch filed for bankruptcy in 2017.


    Unreleased Titles

    • Mystic Weaver - An online RPG developed by C's Ware that was advertised to be released in English on Himeya Soft's US website [18].

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