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    Hinamori Momo

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    A shinigami (death-god) lieutenant of the 5th division, in the Gotei 13. She is a master of Kido and has a great affiliation with Captain Hitsugaya and Captain Aizen. Her zanpakuto is called Tobiume. She is good friends with Renji Abarai, Izuru Kira, Rukia Kuchiki and Rangiku Matsumoto.

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    Momo is the vice-captain to Aizen`s former squad. She is not very strong, but has a great strength in the Kido ways. She can easily combine her kidos to create something very powerful. Her sword`s name is Tobiume, which extrudes two more edges from the blade and allows her to use fire based attacks.

    Momo has many relationships within the Soul Society. She is great friend`s with Izuru Kira and Renji Abarai. However, Momo`s greatest relationship is with Toshiro, a Captain of the 13 guard squads. Momo was also very attached to her captain Aizen, even after he betrayed her.

    Momo has appeared in quite a few Bleach games. Her most recent appearance however is in the Bleach Anime series, where she fights alongside Rangiku Matsumoto (a fellow vice-captain) against some Arrancar.


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