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    Hinata Hyuga

    Character » appears in 37 games

    A member of the main family of the Hyuga clan. Her soft and kind personality hides a strong will and determination, specially towards the person she cares the most.

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    "When I watch you, I feel strong, like I can do anything, that even I am worth something"


    Hinata is the heir apparent to the Hyūga clan and very, very shy. So much so that she often fidgits with her hands and rarely looks or sounds confident about anything.

    She has a tremendous crush on Naruto. So much so she often faints by merely being in his presence. Early on her Ninja skills were very poor. So much so that her father expressed his deep disappointment in her and instilled a tremendous amount of self doubt. He has lauded her much younger sister, very rarely seen in the manga, as the better of the two.

    Her father was an identical twin. But because he was born first he was placed in the Hyuga Main house and his brother placed in a much lower servile branch. This brother was the father of Neji, so although Hinata and Neji are closely related they are greatly separated in terms of Status and Ability.

    Hinata sees in Naruto an ideal. Although he suffers quietly, he always does his best and never gives up. She sees his courage in the face of almost constant failures as something more incredible than anything a Hokage can accomplish.

    Her Bloodline trait called the Bakyukgan. With it she can see in a full 360 degrees. She can see the energy in any living thing around her, and all the important points in it. If enough of these points are impacted properly her opponent would find their energy reserves sealed away. The style of fighting she uses is called the Gentle Fist which takes advantage of this skill. Her most powerful attacks emerge in the post Time-Skip and involve weaving a dome of energy all around her that works as defense to repel attacks and offense to deliver many strikes.

    She has a few battles. One, with Neji, goes badly for her. But seeing Naruto cheering her on inspires her to keep fighting despite the fact she nears death. Naruto reaches down into a pool of her own blood and traces his fingertips wet with it. Than he points it at Neji and makes a fist swearing he'll defeat him.

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    She fights again in the Massive amounts of Naruto Filler, proving she has been training heavily and greatly improving her skills. In that battle she displays some some confidence and wins her fight with an opposing Ninja.

    At the end of the series, she marries longtime childhood crush Naruto Uzumaki, and the two have two children together. A daughter named Himiwari (whom strongly resembles Hinata) and a son named Boruto (whom strongly resembles Naruto).


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