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    Hippolyta was an Amazon of Greek myth. In the modern era, she has been cast prominently in the DC Comics universe as the queen of Themyscira and mother of Princess Diana also known to the world as Wonder Woman.

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    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 150 lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Black/Blond


    Hippolyta is leader of the Amazons and mother to Wonder Woman. Her daughter was born of clay made flesh, blessed by the Gods to create life without man. Following her rape at the hands of Hercules, her people became very isolationist. Ruling her people on Themyscira, she has also entered man's world to use the Wonder Woman alias. She has been a member of the Justice Society of America. Hippolyta was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, first appearing in All-Star Comics #8. (1941)

    Hippolyta is the greek amazonian queen, which makes her daughter the princess. A very long time ago before Diana was born, Hippolyta had an affair with the Greek god of War. Better known as Ares. Ares manipulated her into having sex, and she conceived a child. However, it wasn't Diana. It was a son that loved to kill just like his father. Outraged of the trickery of man, Hippolyta gathered her amazons together and she battled Ares and his army. While the amazons fought Ares' army, Hippolyta confronted Ares. Instead of killing him, Hippolyta killed his son. When she was about to strike down Ares, the greek gods Zeus and his wife Hera stopped her. Zeus didn't want his son to be slain, and Hera had to agree with her husband. So in return, Hera made Ares the prisoner of Hippoltyta and also gave them a hidden island away from the world of man. This Island is Themyscira.

    After three thousand years of living in isolation, Hippolyta grew weary for reasons unknown to her as the voices of Olympus grew dim as time passed and faith in them became scarce in the outside world. Seeking council, she learned of her people's past lives and that there still remained one soul inside the Cavern, that of Hippolyta's unborn child, as she was stuck down while pregnant with it. Hippolyta was instructed to fashion a body for her unborn child and open herself to Artemis while holding an image of her desire. In the darkness of the Cavern of Souls the Five Goddesses and Hermes watched as the last soul departed and blessed it with these words;

    "I, Demeter grant her the power and strength like that of the Earth itself!"

    "I, Aphrodite giver her great beauty and a loving heart!"

    "I, Athena grant her wisdom!"

    "I, Artemis shall give her the eyes of the hunter and unity with beasts!"

    "I, Hestia grant her sisterhood with great fire, that may open men's hearts to her!"

    "I, Hermes giver her speed and the power of flight!"

    And the sculpture Hippolyta had fashioned came to life, and she became Diana. More beautiful than Aphrodite, wiser than Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.

    Ancient Greek Mythology

    Hippolyta is a figure of ancient Greek myth. She was the daughter of Ares, the god of war, and a sister of fellow Amazon Penthesilea. Her father granted her the gift of a magical girdle; an item that Heracles was tasked with retrieving from her as one of his labors. Some versions of the myth also state that when the Amazons were visited by Heracles's ally, Theseus, she boarded the ship to welcome them with gifts, only to be kidnapped, taken to Athens, and forcibly married to him. She bore Theseus one son, Hippolytus, but was unceremoniously sent back to the Amazons after Theseus fell in love with Phaedra.

    Wonder Family

    Princess Diana, Wonder Woman and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

    Artemis, of Bana-Mighdall, Bana warrior, Artemis is the Best Amazon warrior next to that of Wonder Woman with out the divine gifts granted by the Gods of Olympus.

    Donna Troy, the first Wonder Girl and member of the Titans of Myth, Queen Hippolyta's adopted daughter, Wonder Woman's adopted little sister.

    Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, daughter of Zeus. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have the same father that being Zeus, making them both half-sisters.

    Steve Trevor, love interest to Wonder Woman, first man on Themyscira and honorary Amazon.

    Powers and Abilities

    Immortality: As Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta was granted Eternal life by the Olympian gods. The original Greek gods later revoked this protection as part of her punishment when they forced her to become the second Wonder Woman and leave Paradise Island.

    Self-Sustenance: So long as she remains on Themyscira, Hippolyta does not require food, water or any other form of nourishment to maintain her health and vitality. Although she is not susceptible to the throes of hunger, this does not mean that she doesn't consume food for enjoyment.

    Superhuman Strength: As an Amazon Hippolyta once possessed obvious superhuman strength, speed and agility but was far below that of her two daughters in all such areas. Currently Hippolyta's strength levels was lowered to normal human strength levels.

    Leadership: Queen Hippolyta was a born leader and strategist and is excellent in the arts of persuasion and diplomacy.

    Diplomacy: Queen Hippolyta is practiced at conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. She has often been called upon to use these skills at times of war.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: She was skilled in armed and unarmed combat and proficient with traditional Greek hand to hand weaponry such as sharpened edge shield sword and slings.


    Hippolyta is vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as projectiles.


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