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A teacher who transferred to Eiden school. He had taught Kazushi, Pierre, Appo-, Daigo, and Panchu. His students respect and fear him. Yagami disciplines his students with his fists. He is usually calm and composed, but his demeanor unsettles the guys if they know they they are doing something wrong.

Mei disagrees with his method of enforcing discipline and speaks out against him. Yagami also attracts a lot of girls in the school. They get excited when talking about his wife who is two years older than him and enjoys looking and photos of this children.

When Yagami found out that Appo- stole Rei's underwear, he punishes them by denying them dinner. Later when Kazushi couldn't find the way to Yagami's class, he decided to skip it. He wandered into the library where he found Mei. Kazushi explains that he will be punished for being late.

Kazushi reasons that the guys accept Yagami's punishment because they are already expecting it. Mei wishes to better understand his explanation and request for one of Yagami's punches. Mei was reduced to tears and she enforced her belief against physical punishment.

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