Hitman 2 - Tips n' Tricks (mild spoilers)

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Okay so one of those threads where we share our tactics or other tricks. Not all of us want to use the homing suitcase.

So here's a few to get you started that you might not know from the game (all below apply to professional difficulty):

- You now get a drip feed of xp rewards that go to a level's mastery so even if you fail or quit a mission, you will still have all that xp. This is online-only, mind. So abuse the hell out of it - bring that lockpick and unlock everything you can. Change into as many disguises as possible if you're not going for a suit-only run. Wander around the level to find each area for discovery bonuses. Pick up as much junk as you can find.

- Look through the rewards for level mastery. Usually at level 10 mastery you will get a very useful item such as a new remote explosive or a silenced sniper rifle. These items can be used in other levels and will be useful when pulling off certain challenges.

- Remember that unlike Hitman 2016, you can play any level you want (providing you don't care about the plot). Like the look of that antique emetic syringe from Sapienza? No need to go through Paris first to get to it, you can just hop straight into it.

- Every story mission/opportunity is basically "follow the green icon instructions for an easy and often silent assassination", though the story missions take time and won't be suitable for a suit-only run. They will all, however, teach you something important, and you will be rewarded a chunk of mastery for completing the three main story missions of each level.

- You can't carry a suitcase or other certain "heavy" items up ladders or pipes, but you might be able to throw them to where you need.

- There are three poisons - emetic, sleep and lethal. Emetic makes the poisoned NPC find the nearest toilet, garbage canister or ledge to puke over. Sleep knocks them out on the spot. Lethal kills them on the spot.

- Missions are no longer as static as before and there is something of a timer now, so events in a level will cause NPCs to move to a new routine, such as Helmut Kruger no longer hanging around the back of Paris forever, or wait long enough in Miami and the race will end.

- The old Blood Money trick: illegal items (guns) placed in open view will cause people to notify a guard. A guard will pick up a gun and take it to the nearest security room. This is useful if you want to get rid of a guard non-lethally for a certain amount of time.

- Only place illegal items if no one's watching - break the line of sight first, or place said item in a way that a guard or person will investigate that spot (such as throwing a coin).

-Hitman still follows the rule of "if you think it's possible, then you can probably do it". For instance, you do not need to manually activate a winch to drop a chandelier, which is an illegal activity, you can just shoot the chandelier (or the winch) with a silenced weapon from afar to cause it to drop. Or stick a mine next to it. Or just put the mine where you know the person will be. Fun.

-When throwing items, pay attention to the color of the reticle over the head of the target. White usually means "safe", orange means it will arouse suspicion.

-If you are caught trespassing, don't panic. Wait for either the guard who spotted you, or an npc to bring over a guard, who will then escort you out of the area. This is a cheap way to get easy mastery points for exploration. Trespassing areas are different to hostile areas, where you will be shot on sight. Being escorted does not impact your score, but running away while escorted triggers combat.

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Unless you're going for that challenge, swap that fibre wire with a lockpick!

Escalations are a good way to learn a smaller section of a map really well and practice the fundamentals.

Blending in crowds and tall grass can be very useful, however hiding in bins is usually a safer bet.

Studies show that players who wear the clown suit have at least 50% more fun [citation needed].

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You can easily run past most enforcers (white dot characters) from a smaller distance than you think. And even if they do spot you and become suspicious, just take a run around the block and they'll go back to their post.

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Less a tip/trick and more of a stylistic thing with how I play: Use your manual save slots to make challenges easier/less time consuming. Here's one mediocre example:

On Paris, go through the steps to complete the Bare Knuckle Boxer challenge and poison Novikov's drink with emetic poison. Go hide in the bathroom and save. Kill him via drowning. Shimmy your way up to the second floor, get an auction staff disguise, get up to floor three a poison Margolis's drink with emetic poison. Get into her bathroom and hide, kill her via drowning. Load up the original save, kill them both via fiber wire instead of drowning. Doing this loop where you drown both and fiber wire both gets you Powdering Her Nose, Drowned Rat, Bare Knuckle Boxer, A Drink to Die For, Piano Man, Hold my Hair, and The Personal Touch.

That's one example. There are a few challenges in Miami you can start from near the medical tent so consider a save point there before committing to any one.

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That homing suit-case is pretty amazing! :D

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Alright so having put in a few (ahem... uhh... 40?) more hours with Hitman 2 and replaying some of the old (?) missions, I have a few more things to share.

-XP gained from non-campaign activities (such as the politician side story in Sapienza) and things like escalations do count towards the overall XP mastery of a map, so if you're struggling to ding 20 on the earlier maps, consider trying your hand at some of the game's other challenges.

-Like @asmo917 pointed out, consider save scumming to save yourself the hassle of trying to get the various assassination challenges. Most story mission conclusions will leave you in a situation whereby you will be able to deal with a target in multiple ways (accident, single shot to head, piano wire, etc.) depending on what you have equipped. This means that unlike in Hitman 2016, you do not need to completely replay a mission in order to get the various assassination challenges ticked off because this game is constantly saving your actions. Just save before you get the chance, kill, reload, and repeat until you're ready to leave.

-Some story missions don't have to result in the death of a target, so consider doing more than one story mission per target. For example in Paris it's possible to chain the drink mixing, blogger interview and then closing with the stage destruction mission stories with ease for Novikov alone. Likewise you can meet Dahlia as Helmut, then set off the fireworks to shoot her while she's distracted on the balcony.

-The yellow "suspicion" status doesn't immediately result in failure (depending on your circumstances and proximity to the enforcer). Run away and break line of sight from the enforcer (the white dot head person) quickly enough and suspicion will be removed to no harm.

-Alternatively, use the suspicion pursuit from the enforcer to your advantage to lure an enforcer away from a troublesome area. Generally they will follow you for about two or three rooms depending on how long they can keep line of sight on you (remember that crouching also breaks line of sight), but they will usually follow you through the last door you went through (if they saw you).

-Unlike in Blood Money, any bodies that have been incapacitated will be found after a mission's end unless they have been hidden in boxes or dumped off the map (edit: I'm not fully sure about this). This means that if you knock someone out, you will need to put them somewhere. If you don't have anywhere to put them, consider using a nearby distraction (radio/sink overflow etc.) or improvising one with your current equipment (throw items out of line of sight of any nearby NPCs) instead.

-I am currently experiencing a bit of an odd bug when reloading saves whereby my equipped holstered item switches to something else instead. If you've had your silverballer equipped, but needed to reload the game for whatever reason, be careful about your actions as you might just equip a different item entirely (in my case I've accidentally fired off handguns instead of the silverballer).

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Fire Extinguishers, and high powered guns can open doors.

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-Unlike in Blood Money, any bodies that have been incapacitated will be found after a mission's end unless they have been hidden in boxes or dumped off the map (edit: I'm not fully sure about this).

Nope, leaving bodies on the floor is fine.

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@dudeglove said:

-Unlike in Blood Money, any bodies that have been incapacitated will be found after a mission's end unless they have been hidden in boxes or dumped off the map (edit: I'm not fully sure about this).

Nope, leaving bodies on the floor is fine.

I should be more specific - I think this impacts it if you're going for Silent Assassin.

It's not possible for me to recreate it, but with the Sean Bean elusive I left a dead body (the target) and one stunned body on the floor of an office no one would come in to, and I didn't get SA rating for it. Nothing got found when I exited the level, no alarms or such, but I didn't get the SA (maybe because I only needed to hide the dead body)

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@dudeglove said:

I should be more specific - I think this impacts it if you're going for Silent Assassin.

It's not possible for me to recreate it, but with the Sean Bean elusive I left a dead body (the target) and one stunned body on the floor of an office no one would come in to, and I didn't get SA rating for it. Nothing got found when I exited the level, no alarms or such, but I didn't get the SA (maybe because I only needed to hide the dead body)

People have reported issues with the elusive target not awarding Silent Assassin when it should and some of the SA challenges not unlocking.
Here's a Marrakesh SASO run where I left Strandberg and another NPC in the middle of the conference room floor.
The game does seem to cheat a little bit from time to time, sometimes an NPC will wander off their normal route to areas where you've left unhidden bodies. In one of my runs I left the security guard and soldier on the floor of the broom closet at 4:30, eventually another guard wandered in and saw the bodies even though under normal circumstances I've never seen any NPC go in that room before. But as long as you exit a level before a body is discovered, you're good.

A couple of tips:

  • Like @dudeglove mentioned, getting caught while trespassing doesn't affect your score or rating as long as you comply with the NPC and follow them out of the restricted area.
  • This is a bit obvious but might be helpful for new players; You can destroy recordings and disable security cameras on the entire map by shooting the security console, you do not have to interact with it.
  • Related to the tip above; Heard gunshots or bullet impacts do not affect your score or rating.
  • There's a "high level" or speedrunning trick called bumping, which literally just means bumping into an NPC. By bumping into an NPC you can stop them from moving, you can use this to create gaps between NPCs, to separate bodyguards from targets so you can get a safe explosion kill, for example. Or if there are two guards walking single file but they're too close to each other for you to do a silent takedown on the guard walking behind, you can quickly bump into him and then immediately follow it up with a takedown, even the smallest delay is usually enough to create a big enough gap to get you out of earshot. Bumping into an NPC in a restricted area doesn't get you spotted as long as you don't give them time to turn around and see you. In that Marrakesh video I used bumping to keep Strandberg in the conference room while the other NPC investigated the coin.
    From what I've heard, in the previous game NPCs would eventually get suspicious of you if you bumped into them too many times. You can do it indefinitely in Hitman 2 and essentially lock an NPC into place for as long as you wish.
  • Edit: One more: If you're sprinting and someone is about to spot you, slow down and walk, you get spotted slower.
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A couple more pieces of advice which may or may not be bugs:

- Don't try to silently knock anyone out with a non lethal melee item while walking on stairs. I can't tell why, but it seems that 47 will magically unequip his melee item and it will default to the semi-QTE knockout minigame, especially with a guard, even if you're behind them. This will compromise your disguise and alert anyone in ear shot. If you must, throw your non lethal melee item instead.

- Almost all features that appear in the environment with yellowish/gold highlight in Hitman's detective vision (instinct) can be interacted with in some way. If you can't figure out what it can do, or if there's no prompt, try shooting it to see what happens. For example: fire escape ladders.

- You don't need to leave a radio or generator on/off to distract a guard. Simply turning it immediately on and off (or off and on depending) will cause a guard to investigate regardless, providing they are in earshot or in line of sight of the thing. By doing this, you won't cause a chain of guards to investigate the same distraction. Exceptions are distractions like clogged sinks that cannot be unclogged by 47 and must be done so by an NPC.

- Can't get a guard outside a room distracted? Try opening a door and they might hear it.

- Need a good silenced sniper rifle? Complete the escalation for Marrakesh nighttime, or hit mastery level 10 for the final map of Hitman 2.

- Having trouble getting mastery points? Check the "Classics" section of a level and check out the rewards for the other difficulties, as there are reward bonuses for runs on casual, professional and master.

- There are a ton of easter eggs in this game. This was already in Hitman 2016, but it's highly unlikely most people saw this - try subduing a guard barehanded, but don't mash the choke button and instead wait about ~30 seconds.

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Some gameplay tips:

- If there's a floor above an NPC or group of NPCs, then shoot a silenced gun shot above the NPC(s). (One of the) NPC will hear the gun shot, but think it's coming from the floor above them. They will actually seek it out, thereby clearing you of at least one of the NPC in a given room.

- Side note: gun shots can be used as distractions too.

- Shooting the main security computer center is faster than actually walking up to it and going through the animation.

- Speaking of shooting instead of going through the animation, you can do the same with the following: power generators, power boxes, water faucets, gas valves, power strips, car batteries, (there are more)

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So here's a few things to note

Loading Video...

(MrFreeze is a noted Hitman streamer/youtube person)

The chief among them is that being caught trespassing will now impact your silent assassin. If you are caught trespassing and escorted out, this will affect your score. Part of what was previously mentioned in this thread will still apply, in the sense that you won't incur combat.

In other words, if you don't have SA/SO on certain maps, you've only got some time left to exploit the trespassing bug.

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