Let's talk about The Hero of Santa-Fortuna challenge.

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*Mild spoilers for objectives. It's basically impossible for you to stumble onto this challenge however. You have to

Demonstrate the repaired submarine to Rico Delgado.

Complete the statue unveiling ceremony.

Fix Rico's tattoo.

Help El Mijo feel better.

Return the lost love letter to Hector Delgado.

Cleanse the construction site.

Repair the hippie's cocaine souvenir.

Repair Jorge Franco's cocaine production machine.

I haven't attempted it yet but what a cool idea for a challenge. And the name is perfect. I won't say I fell out of my chair but I was like "Damn, that's good."

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There is a similar one in Whittleton too.
Basically doing good stuff for bad people.

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@personandstuff: I plan in taking a pretty deep dive into H2 over the next week or so. I did a few of these on my first playthrough, but not all at once. It's a fucking great game.

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