Anyone playing on Hard/ Suit Only I need your help!

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#1 Posted by Demoskinos (17350 posts) -

Spoilers for the mission "Death Factory" below..... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Okay, so I've scraped struggled and clawed my way to get through hard mode with suit only and its been hard... really hard but I've done it so far. Yet the R&D section of the "Death Factory" level seems to be almost impossible.

If you've beaten it with both the infiltrator and suit only bonuses I really wanna know how. I've tried sneaking over to the valve on the far side to cause steam to go everywhere the problem here is that well.. the "patient" sees you and there goes the infiltrator bonus. If I could JUST find a way past him undetected then I think I could do this as I could use the smoke cover to strangle the doctor and dump his body and get on the bridge. I guess last resort would be killing the patient by throwing the syringe at him BUT that isn't something I wanna do... civilian death = big point loss. If anyone here is skilled enough to pull of suit only on hard mode well... I'd really appreciate some advice.

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So, I gave up and just ended up using a disguise. I think it is fundemendally impossible on that level to do both suit only and infiltrator. I just don't see how it can be done. I'd like someone to prove me wrong though but 3 hours spent on one section of a level is more than enough.

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#3 Posted by Jendas (3 posts) -

Yeah, I am pretty sure it´s impossible - the patient is bitch like hell; btw if I ignore the spotted thing by the patient I wasn´t still able to turn on the valve before somebody else spotted me - I gave up to, suit only challenge was on the second playthrough . . .

i search and didn´t find the answer - If you do, please share it - I´d love to have this :)

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#4 Posted by Nightriff (7157 posts) -

No youtube video of this yet? I'm surprised

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#5 Posted by Demoskinos (17350 posts) -
@Nightriff Plenty of YouTube playthroughs just none that I've seen that are 100% suit only. Im near the end of the game and it is still the only section that I've found that is impossible if you want both suit only/infiltrator in one go.
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pretty sure the game is not balanced to be played with infiltrator and suit only on every level. You're suppose to do those 2 chalenges separatly.

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#7 Posted by Jendas (3 posts) -

I suppose that pyrodactyl is right because now I can´t figure out suit only + inflitrator in the Skurkys law chapter where you have to go to holding cells through court room - anyone got that one?

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#8 Posted by Ghost_Cat (2051 posts) -

I spent hour and a half on that stage and still haven't found the solution for the same bonuses. Though I haven't tried it yet, you may have to slowly eliminate one enemy at a time (then dump their body overboard) to get close to the doctor, because 30 seconds is pretty fast (also there are A LOT of eyes down there).

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