Jesus Christ man. Blake Dexter is just such a scumbag.

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I've seen my share of psychopathic villains in games before but I don't know man there is just SOMETHING about this bastard that fundamentally disturbs me a bit. The voice acting is spot on too. He is just one of the best villains I've seen in a long time. I think it REALLY helps to go to sell the story of the game. You really just want to get Victoria out of the clutches of this bastard. I can't be the only one who's skin crawls a bit every time this guy takes center stage.

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Uncle Paulie from The Darkness is probably still the scummiest scumbag I've encountered in a game.

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Yp, agree with you their, havent finished the game yet but I hope I get to kill this guy.

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Yeah, I thoroughly hated him.

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I don't know man, every time this character was in a scene I was laughing just because I thought he was damn cheesy and cliche-ish. The whole story was like this, sure he was a bastard and scummy, but I couldn't take him seriously.

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#6 Posted by envane (1235 posts) -

sherrif marc maron was an underplayed character id like to see more of but yeh dexters pretty fucked up , sorta becomes a bit 2 dimensional by the end , in that we dont see any real progression apart from how he grows to hate you more and more personally

its dexters face + that voice actor that make it so .. skincrawling .. good work overall

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@Coafi: Oh yeah, I didn't take him seriously at all. He was a total joke, like with most this game's antagonists.

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