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How did you guys feel about the end? Felt a little anti-climatic to me. How did Diana and 47 fake her death? How was Victoria made? 47 is the product of gene-manipulation which combined the genes of 6 brilliant men and skilled killers, yet Victoria, without intensive training and unarmed managed to take out 6 or 7 armed guards. Since she was a product of the Agency I think the only conclusion is that she's a yet even more modified version of the 47 genecode. How did the one armed man, (I can't remember his name, which is bad since he was the secondary villain of the game) take over and rebuild the agency after Diana torched it? Which was the second time in the span of two games it got dismantled, if you're keeping count.

It just ended really abruptly

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I felt the ending was decent and the characters were very well developed in this game. The characters in the game really deliver their roles and gave a good performance in my opinion.

He could have just shot her in a non-lethal spot on her body and that's how she lived. I think the sequence with Victoria killing all the armed guards is appropriate and fits her character. I was happy with the way it ended, but the endings are never the big payoff in Hitman games, it's the gameplay.

I feel there are some things that never get addressed in some of the games. (Such as the ending to Hitman Contracts) Overall I enjoyed the game though.

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Ugh, low grade Rodriguez/Tarintino from start to finish, the story was very weak in my opinion, not helped by terrible pre-rendered CG. That said, game play was pretty rewarding, and I enjoyed the fluid nature of the controls and mechanics, however there was too much focus on contracts, a mode I could'nt care less for, and I suspect I'm not alone. Having all that pre-order fluff be for nothing really was a bit of a bummer. I admire IO attempt at making something new and I hope they learn from the successes and failures of this one.

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I'm trying to think back to the start. Did he ever confirm the kill on Diana? or did he just grab the girl and run? It would make sense that the agency became so distracted with getting the girl back that nobody noticed that Diana's people were able to stabilize her and get her to safety.

My biggest problem with the end was how it played out. The first 2 sections were really annoying with the volume of guards. But then you meet those Praetorian guys, who were insanely easy to take care of, and then a cut scene to end. Anticlimactic

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It was all so dumb, I don't think I was able to process it, but I assumed it was a Diana Clone, the whole thing is so fragmented, characters enter and exit so quickly. At one point I fired it up after a couple of days and I thought I must have missed a chapter or a cut scene, but I had'nt. Also what is the point the of story, if 47 is in on the whole ruse from the start, take down the agency (again)?

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Pretty sure that Diana miraculously survived, but it's hard to tell given how abrupt and disjointed the end cut scene was.

Basically 47 makes a bunch of stupid mistakes in cutscenes, and then the player has to try to fix them during gameplay. Weak storytelling, but I still very much enjoyed my time with the game.

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Just finished. Thought the ending was ok. I enjoyed the widely insane characters. Overall though I'm slighty disappointed overall. I mean to be fair I think it's a great game and 4 stars is appropriate but I think there wasn't enough of the element that makes Hitman Hitman. Like I said, it is a solidly built game, it looks great and overall plays just fine but I really hope the next one is back to large environments and mindless story and assassinating.

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The narrative of Absolution felt like a wet fart. The characters were there (they were all pretty memorable), the sense of humour was there, and the idea of Agent 47 wrestling with his own moral compass (which does exist, as seen in Codename 47 and Silent Assassin) has the foundation for what could be a good crime noir narrative. The execution was weak, though. Especially the ending. Just, bleh.

That said, I popped hard for all of the Kane & Lynch cameos in the game. I'm glad that IO likes those characters enough to give them prominent cameos with speaking roles. I really liked Dead Men and Dog Days more for their story and characters than gameplay.

Here's hoping now that Hitman 5 is out of the way, IO can concentrate on delivering a Kane & Lynch game with good gameplay.

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Yeah the story isn't great. If victoria was so bad ass i'm pretty sure she could have handled a few of Lenny's goons on her own and escaped. I liked how Diana did the debrief for the final mission though, brings back memories!

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@invadernick: She didn't have her genetic dog-tag with her when Lenny's guys had her. She had it when Dexter's guys were taking her away near the end.

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I loved Diana giving the debrief at the end.

And it made me hopeful for Hitman 6.

I was very relieved Diana was alive.

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I call bullshit on this game's... everything. The characters are so effing two dimensional, and the end twist, ugh. While it's good they didn't kill the game's only other recurring character, it makes a big plot hole. Diana being alive somewhat explains away the weirdness of 47 shooting her and THEN IMMEDIATELY protecting the girl, it's still pretty dumb story wise.

So the person who amassed a small army of mercs at the beginning of the game and has been dealing in information regarding 47's targets for the past few years faked her death and just sat around? If Victoria was that important and Diana was the one who protected her in the first place, don't you think she would've helped out during the course of the game? Don't tell me she was "hiding," because that doesn't make sense either. She would've stayed with victoria at the orphanage, or with 47 (who can kill the entire agency) before she'd sit in some hotel room waiting around.

Also, comparing this to Tarantino is right only in that there are guns and people swear. This game has no interesting dialogue what so ever.

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