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It's not exactly the Hitman you remember, but it's still good fun 1

It's been a while since the last Hitman game and since the outset people haven't had entirely high hopes for Absolution. A lot of the early promotional material made it look more like a shooter than the murder sandbox we know and love. And then there were sexy leather clad nuns parading about, which most thought kind of stupid and ill-fitting the tone of Hitman.On the former I've got to say that I believe for the most part Absolution succeeds in providing us with open ended death puzzles and isn...

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Despite some poor design choices, Absolution is still great fun 1

The Hitman series has always been about patience, exploration and execution of the perfect assassination, and Absolution brings that same unique stealth style back. The classic trial and error gameplay allows you to plan out your attack until you create your own perfect execution, whether it be by "accident" or by a straight up neck snapping. While silently assassinating your target has never been as fun, some poor (and down right strange) design choices really hold Hitman: Absolution back from ...

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One of the Most Infuirating Games I've Played 0

It's been a long time since a game has absolutely infuriated me. Hitman: Absolution manages to do it.Disclaimer: Played 20 hours campaign, on Hard.I'll start straight off with the main problem: The Disguise System changes. In Blood Money, enemies would treat you differently based on what disguise you had on; each disguise had different "permissions", in terms of what areas of the map you can go in. Enemies would never see through your disguise unless you acted strangely (carried guns as a waiter...

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The Original Assassin is back 0

The series trademark disguise system returns in true fashion.Back around 2002-2003 I was introduced to the Hitman series with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It was a fascinating game to me and one that turned the stealth genre on its ear. Instead of skulking in shadows you hid in plain sight. Each level was a sandbox of potential grisly deaths and solutions in how you navigated levels and took out targets. So here we are in 2012 with Hitman Absolution. 47 has been on quite the hiatus last appearing ...

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A welcome evolution of the formula... 0

The stoic assassin is back in Hitman: Absolution, the series' first installment in over six years. Although it retains its unique identity, times have changed, and so has Hitman.Perhaps the most immediately apparent distinction between Absolution and previous games in the Hitman series is the cinematic nature of the storytelling. The game weaves a tightly paced narrative, relying almost exclusively on in-engine assets powered by IO Interactive's new Glacier 2 engine. Diana Burnwood, 47's former ...

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One hell of a ride 0

Hitman uses snakes as a gunrack. Hes badass like that. Hitman Absolution was a game I never expected to play. It popped up on the Xbox Live games for gold program so I thought I would give it a shot. Little did I know how much I would be sucked in.StoryThe game thrusts you right into the thick of things as the Hitman agent 47 and starts you off on a routine mission for the Agency. Your task is to bring down Diana Burnwood, your old handler who has now "gone rogue" according to the Agency. At fir...

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Absolution is a great game; sadly, it isn't a great Hitman game 0

Hitman: Absolution tries to be something it shouldn't. Instead of following the conventional Hitman approach of silence, stealth and subtlety, it opts instead for thrills and action, not exactly failing, but not exactly succeeding either. The prologue mission is, sadly, a tease, and it's a cruel one at that. Though not exactly fresh off of Blood Money, the previous entry in the series, I came into Absolution expecting at least the option, if not the suggestion, of being stealthy. The prologue m...

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Its good when games are fun. 0

As someone who never really played a stealth game before, I had a lot of fun with Hitman Absolution. Its not a perfect product, but its polished and just plain fun to play, which is what really matters in a video game.Hitman: Absolution is designed so that you can play it however you'd like: you can slink around in the shadows and never be seen, you can take someone out and don their outfit, or you can shoot your way through the enemies; as long as you reach your target, its Mission Passed. The...

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Hitman Absolution is a decent stealth game, but not a fantastic Hitman game. 1

Agent 47 has been on a hiatus for the past six years. During his break, the developers of the stealth franchise have brought us a couple of third-person shooters with the Kane & Lynchtitles, and also brought us the surprisingly fun Mini Ninjas. It’s fair to say that fans were ready for a new Hitman game, especially since the last title was in-between the crossover into this generation of consoles. Fans had yet to see what IO Interactive could do with the extra power, which is exciting to see...

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Business gets Personal for Agent 47 0

It's been about five years since we last played as Agent 47.The agency was disbursing, and attempting to eliminate agents and handlers, but 47 and Diana Burnwood we're able to lay low. It turns out that Diana caused some harm and attention in her exit, which prompts the newly built agency to reach out to 47 and give him his returning contract to eliminate Diana. From there, things turn out to be more complicated, and 47 finds himself in the guardian role of a mysterious girl named Victoria and o...

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Welcome Back, 47 1

Six years. Six very long years. That's how long it has been since the release of Hitman: Blood Money, the last released game in the beloved Hitman franchise. And while I can't speak for exactly why it took so long for this game to be released, mostly because of Eidos Interactive being bought out by Square Enix, this is much more noticeably a 2010 game being released in 2012, and there lies the main problem I had with Hitman: Absolution.For the first time in the history of this franchise, Hitman:...

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Absolutely Fantastic... 0

Hitman Absolution is the massive re-entry of the world's deadliest assassin. After a 7 year hiatus, Square Enix has managed to bring back a series with a unique modern approach to its core play. Longtime fans will be pleased with the scale and the scope of the game, while the modern take opens a nitch for newcomers to follow.PRESENTATION: Excellent. Dark & Intense. The game is presented through the in-game engine, Glacier 2, which does a fantastic job of rendering the dark world in which Hi...

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A Flawed Return 0

In a previous blog I stated I was very highly looking forward to this game. You see, I was wary about this game when it was first announced. It looked a lot different from previous Hitman games and mostly looked like a generic stealth shooter. Eventually my fears faded and I got caught in the hype.Unfortunately my fears were correct. This is not Blood Money 2, but that doesn't mean the game is terrible.You start out with a tutorial mission teaching you the basics of the game, it also sets up a d...

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Hitman: Absolution PC review 0

Having looked forward for the release of the latest add-on to the Hitman series, I couldn't help but like the game even before it came out. Surely the six years it took IO to bring Absolution to the world have been hard on me, so I was majorly excited, hence me liking it in advance. When I started up the game I almost didn't play it right away because of my 'nervousness', but breathing slowly helped me contain myself.Starting up the campaign mode, all started well. Nice introduction mission, goo...

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Hitman Absolution Review 0

Hitman Absolution is a stealth action game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. Hitman Absolution is the long awaited game that has been in development for six years. For Absolution,  IO Interactive built a new game engine from the ground up and are bringing Hitman to a new audience by making the game easier to play and more accessible. IO Hopes to do this while trying to retaining hardcore aspects the series is known for. Is Hitman Absolution able to bring in ne...

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Hitman: Absolution is a literal blast. 0

BLUF: If you have have a capable PC to run this game as intended, and enjoy stealth mechanics that allow the player to choose (within reason) their path to the target but don't punish you for being overly violent, then go buy this game.Hitman: Absolution is fun. Very fun, in fact. In an age where killing is a core-mechanic of progression (/call-of-duty-black-ops-ii/61-38039/, /borderlands-2/61-36055/, /halo-4/61-35533/), it's pretty nice to see a game that will reward you for not killing people....

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It's no Bloody Money, but still a tonne of fun... 0

With the last Hitman title in the series being the highly acclaimed Blood Money, Absolution has quite the reputation to live up to. As returners to the series will know, Hitman puts you in the role of Agent 47 a highly skilled clone bred for the purpose of contact killing. The series is renowned for freedom and variety in the way that the player can execute the contracts providing limitless ways for you to kill the target.Absolution sees Agent 47 on the run from the Agency, meaning that the char...

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Hitman Absolution Review 0

Hitman Absolution is the newest point in the Hitman series. It continues in the series with having fun stealth mechanics and improvements on the genre as a whole. The story is also one of the most ridiculous and funny stories out there too. That does not mean that the game is without it's own faults. It becomes obvious that if IO Interactive just made some small changes to some of the games most glaring problems that it would be a much better game to play through.In Absolution, you play as Agent...

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Agent 47 is Back 0

Before this game was released there was a lot of concern amongst fans. Many wondered whether the game would be 'dumbed down', that the need to sell to a wider audience would resort in taking away the hardcore stealth elements of the game. Maybe the Agent 47 everyone knows and loves won't be as we remembered him, or that the format has aged and won't be a relevant having spent six years away from the game. As soon as you play this game those fears will gone and you will wonder why you ever doubte...

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Hitman: Absolution review 0

Right off the bat, the controls are greatly improved over Blood Money actually greatly is an understatement during BM i cant tell you how many times I released the wrong trigger when I was trying to choke someone and get caught, usually leading to the person I was trying to choke running off and taddeling on me. This usually lead to a gunfight which 90% of the time meant you had to reload a checkpoint. Which leads to another thing I liked about absolution, if things get hairy agent 47's new bull...

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Hitman: Absolution 0

Hitman: Absolution is an intense mix of serenity and obscenity, its foul-mouthed criminals and grubby henchmen adding a layer of thick grime to otherwise quaint small-town streets and warm desert sands. Returning antihero Agent 47 is a ruthless contrast to both the beauty of his surroundings and the foul crooks he butts heads with; he's a steadfast and well-dressed killer who finds pleasure in careful planning and clean kills. Once again, he dons his brightly buffed shoes and exercises a combina...

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Hitman: Absolution Review 0

It's been a while 47. Last time I remember stepping into your suit was way back in 2006 with Hitman: Blood Money. Now after all these years we finally have a full fledged sequel to possibly the best game in the series. Does Absolution live up to the name Blood Money gave to the franchise? Short answer: no.Hitman: Absolution does a lot of things right, but it also does just the same amount wrong. I'll keep this short and sweet. The story was very well written in my opinion and the voice work was ...

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Perfect Execution but Misses the Mark 0

How often do we see games that have great ideas yet poor execution. Marred by technical flaws, even the greatest ideas are simply wasted potential. Hitman Absolution is not one of those games. With great graphics, smooth gameplay and terrific atmosphere there is no doubt about the quality of this product. How is it then, that Io Interactive with all this technical prowess managed to take such a huge step back where the actual gameplay was concerned?Just making sure the coast is clear..Hitman Abs...

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Agent 47 brings new tricks to his profession...But are they good? 0

I have played and own all the Hitman games and love them all. From the go I could not wait for this game to be released, constantly excited for it! So when it did finally come out I installed it and got playing it at roughly 1am.First thing to hit me was the Graphics. I run a i5 2400k, 2GB 460GTX, 8GB ram PC. I can play it on High if I want some frame rate drops or on normal/med if I want it smooth. Either way, the game looks stunning. The environments, the setting, the atmosphere, Agent 47s bar...

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Hitman: "Our wrongs remain unrectified" [a reference probably no one will get] 0

The Hitman franchise saw a significant amount of attention in 2015. With another feature film just recently released last summer (a film that is not as bad as people made it out to be; not saying it’s particularly good, but you could do worse...except for that horrible ending) and a new game underway very soon, it may just be the biggest time in years for the bald assassin. However, following the release of 2006's acclaimed Hitman: Blood Money, the series saw a six-year long drought with a...

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