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    Hitman: Blood Money

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released May 26, 2006

    Hitman: Blood Money is a third-person action-adventure game released by Eidos in 2006. The game is a continuation of the popular Hitman franchise in which players take control of the mysterious assassin, Agent 47.

    demoman's Hitman: Blood Money (Xbox 360) review

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    Great game that acquires you to think a bit

    What do you get when you take James Bond and remove his charme and wit (and hair for that matter)? You get a dead serious, cold blooded, merciless assasian named 47. Hitman is one of (many) series where you don't really need to know the back story in order to imurse yourself into the game. The story aint bad, it just isn't the main focus of the game. The main focus is to find the best and most effective way to kill your target, and the possibilities are almost endless . It may sound grusome, but it is damn entertaining (remember all of your targets are scumbags and pretty much deserves it anyway).
    So alot of the time you are just walking around, trying to find a way to finnish your mission, that dosent leave any witnesses and such. Of course you can just shoot everything that moves, until you get the one you are supposed to get. But that is of course, far from as rewarding, than when you find a real clever way, to accomplish your mission, that you might not have figured out in the get go. You also get a better rating depending on how well you did it. So it is best to just take your time in each mission.
    The only real negative that I can find in this game (aside from some questionable AI at some times) is that the graphics could have been better. It looks alright in the gameplay, but in the cinematics it is lacking a bit. Some of the characters look very cartoonish in not a good way (especially a journalist character that has a very prominent role in most of the cinematics).
    But there is really not much to complain about. Most of the stuff, it gets right, and what it dosent get right, are just minor details. Defiantly a great game for the ones who dosent just want to play a straight forward game, but instead play a game that acquires you to think a bit. 

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