Which Hitman game to buy?

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#1 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

So the Hitman series is the 75% off steam sale today and I've always been kind of interested. Even though there's an 80% chance I'll never play it I was thinking about buying one of them for $2.50.

I think I've heard that Blood Money is the best but would anyone recommend Silent Assassin or Codename 47.

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#2 Edited by owl_of_minerva (1485 posts) -

Blood Money. But the first Hitman is quite good too.

Edit: For more explanation, I've written an analysis of the first game here.

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#3 Posted by AndrewB (7815 posts) -

Blood Money is the most playable. The rest are somewhat a relic of their times. Hitman 2 probably fares better. Don't get me wrong, they're all great games, but I think you should start with Blood Money.

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#4 Posted by The_Ruiner (1676 posts) -

2 and Blood Money

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#5 Posted by artgarcrunkle (988 posts) -

Blood Money.

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#6 Posted by Akyho (2128 posts) -

1 is a great game, however due to ancient gameplay rules iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits haaaaard. Silent assain is a weird out of character story, decent gameplay. I dont favour it. Contracts is a weird set up. Its silent assasin gameplay with some strange maps. Some I figure can only be completed by running and gunning.

Blood money is absolutely perfect as a hitman game. I figure its the truest sequel aside from the story elements from Contracts? that has you kill Doctor ortmier and wipe out the clones.

Codname 47 and Bloodmoney are what i recommend.

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#7 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

All of them. But if you can only choose one Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a good pick.

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#8 Posted by Winternet (8408 posts) -

@Hunkulese: Do not buy the first game. Don't. That ship has sailed. Blood Money is definitely the one to go now. And if you enjoy it, then Hitman 2 is recommended. Hitman 3, only if you really liked the 2nd one.

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#9 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Blood Money is probably the only one that holds up at all. It was also the best one, so that's cool.

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#11 Posted by abdo (1095 posts) -

Blood Money

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#12 Posted by TheHT (15004 posts) -

Hitman 2 is great, and Contracts is like it.

Blood Money is the best though.

BTW, Contracts takes place between two missions from Blood Money.

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#13 Posted by Packie (257 posts) -

Blood Motherfucking Money.

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#14 Posted by SlashDance (1867 posts) -

@The_Ruiner said:

2 and Blood Money

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#15 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

I've only played Blood Money, but it's awesome.

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#16 Posted by Kedi2 (330 posts) -

Blood Money and 2 are the best. Blood Money is probably the way to go if you're only buying one since it will hold up better than the older games.

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#17 Posted by Mister_V (2385 posts) -

Blood Money is an excellent game,

I played a bit of it again recently and apart from some janky physics and character models it holds up pretty well.

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#18 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1537 posts) -

They are all worth playing but Blood Money is the masterpiece of the series. So well done.

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#19 Posted by HarlechQuinn (456 posts) -

I enjoyed them all, "Contracts" being the weakest in my book. As you want to purchase only one, I would say go for "Blood Money" as it is the one which holds up the best.

On a side note, all the Jesper Kyd soundtracks for the Hitman series are really awesome.

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#20 Posted by Ksaw (363 posts) -

Blood Money is great, but having played it recently, I'd have to say it's starting to show it's age. Just keep that in mind. There's also a lot of cool levels in Contracts, but some of them are taken from the first game so it can be kind of confusing.

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#21 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

I played Blood Money for the first time last summer and had a lot of fun with it. So buy that one.

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#22 Posted by mellotronrules (2223 posts) -

just thought i'd bump this thread as it's the steam deal today-

is absolution worth the $17.00 steam is asking for today? or should i pony up just $2.50 for blood money to get my fix?

or should i skip both altogether and finish mark of the ninja?

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