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    Hive Mecha

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    The Hive Mecha appeared as a boss in Metroid Prime, found in the Chozo Ruins area of Tallon IV.

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    The Hive Mecha is a drone that works with and shelters organic life, in this case wasps.  It blocks Samus' path, yet it does not have a method of attack or defense. The Mecha itself is weak, having vulnerable points around its access ports. What it can do, is let out Ram War Wasps to do its dirty work.

    Battle Plan

    There is little room to manuever near the Hive Mecha, so watch your step. To get to it, you must first eliminate the wasps. They will zip around swiftly, only stopping for a moment before striking. This is your chance to blast them. Once all are gone, a port will open up on the Mecha for you to shoot. Soldier on, and you will defeat this stationary foe.

    After destroying the Hive Mecha, Samus acquires the Missile Launcher, which allows her to (surprise) shoot missiles.

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