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    Hocotate is Olimar, Louie and the President's home planet in the Pikmin series.

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    The planet appears purple from space with two intersecting beige planetary rings around it. The planet also apparently has a pale red moon. From the surface of the planet the sky appears blue with white clouds, but the visibility of stars during the day seems to suggest the planet has a thin atmosphere. It is not known what gas actually makes up the air on Hocotate but as oxygen is highly poisonous to Hocotatians it is known that it's one gas that will not be present in the planet's atmosphere. 
    It is known that at least part of the planet is desert-like, although the Hocotate Freight President does make mention at one point of a Hocotate Swamp. A note from Olimar's wife also revealed that there are hot springs on Hocotate, showing that there is geothermally heated water below some areas of the surface of Hocotate. There is some plant life present on the planet's surface and it is also known that vegetables including the pikpik carrot and a type of onion grow on the planet.   

    Sentient Life

    Hocotatians themselves are about 2 cm tall and somewhat resemble humans but with paler skin, bigger and different shaped heads, larger and rounder noses, two small black eyes and less hair. Hocotatians also seem to physically express emotions in the same manner humans do.  As mentioned above oxygen is lethal to them. 
    Apart from the Hocotatians themselves we know that there are bugs on Hocotate (many of which Louie played with as a child) and Olimar also apparently had a pet on Hocotate (Bulbie) that acted like a dog and bore resemblance to the Bulborbs from the planet of the Pikmin.


    It is known that Hocotatian families are structured very similarly to human families; with husbands, wives, children and pets. Hocotatians also have their own spoken and written language (the written version seeming to be similar to English) and the opening scene of Pikmin 2 shows a built-up city area on Hocotate with unusual architecture. Hocotate has a commercialized civilization with commercial services, loan companies and most likely other aspects of their economy similar to that of Earth's. The currency of Hocotate is the poko, a small coin much like the ones in the Mario series and items recovered from the planet of the Pikmin are considered of great worth on Hocotate. According to Olimar, Hocotate also has a mayor.
    Hocotate is a highly technologically advanced planet with technologies such as endless supplies of fuel, drives that utilize gluon particles, shrinking technology and high advanced artificial intelligence.  

    Known Residents of Hocotate

    • Captain Olimar
    • Louie
    • President of Hocotate Freight
    • Olimar's Wife
    • Olimar's Son
    • Olimar's Daughter
    • Olimar's Mother
    • Olimar's Father
    • Louie's Grandmother
    • Louie's Aunt
    • Bulbie


    • The planet's name is derived from the name of the street the Japanese Nintendo headquarters is based on: Kamitoba-hokotate-cho.

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