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After the death of King Krichevskoy Hoggmeiser steals a chunk of the kings wealth to build a mansion for himself. In the mean time while Laharl continues his havoc after his slumber he mentions to rob "the richest demon around." After finding and battling through Hoggmeiser's mansion Laharl finds and does battle with Hoggmeiser himself. After the battle ends Laharl is blocked by Hoggmeiser's son, Porkmeister, who begs him to spare his fathers life. Laharl decides to spare his life and Hoggmeiser, touched by the players kindness, forces his way into the party.

In an alternate ending if the player has killed 50 allies before the fight you can choose to actually kill Hoggmeiser when his son tries to stop you. By doing so Flonne will step in to try to stop Laharl and the game will end, with heavy implication that Laharl struck down Flonne. But it is confirmed that Flonne actually did kill Laharl in the Disgaea artbook by Broccoli Books.

In Disgaea 2, the greedy Hoggmeiser is mentioned to have his own financial firm. The player can even gain a small HL increase if he is called on his cell phone.

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