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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 12, 2014

    A colorful and surreal 2D adventure game where the player controls a flying, snake-like character, finding ways to interact with other characters and objects in each of 17 stages.

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    Hohokum is an adventure/exploration game with a sandbox style for the PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita. It is developed by Honeyslug, makers of Frobisher Says!, in conjunction with SCE Santa Monica Studio and publisher Sony.

    The game consists of 17 worlds, each with its own style, characters, and interactive objects.


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    When came time to find music for the time, Richard Hogg and the many artists of the game gave a list of the music they were listening to while making the game. Eventually, the music supervisor remarked that many of the musicians on that list came from Ghostly International, an indie music label specialized in ambient electronic music, and decided to ask Ghostly to colaborate on the soundtrack for the game. This is not the first time Sony and Ghostly worked together, as the record label curated a collection of user levels in Sound Shapes.

    The soundtrack was released on August 12th by Ghostly International. The compilation includes tracks from the label's back catalog as well as songs created specially for the game.

    1. "L" - Tycho (4:37)
    2. "Pawn in Their Game" - Matthew Dear (3:33)
    3. "Lamp Lighting" - Shigeto (6:10)
    4. "Declination (Instrumental)" - Com Truise (4:29)
    5. "Lux (rpf Rebuild)" - KILN (6:00)
    6. "Reticient Reminiscence" - Willits + Sakamoto (5:03)
    7. "A Walk" - Tycho (5:17)
    8. "Emerald Plateaus" - Michna (4:41)
    9. "Wedding Party" - Geoff White (4:22)
    10. "Mount Arvon" - Osborne (3:36)
    11. "Air Parsing" - Ben Benjamin (6:00)
    12. "Coastal Brake" - Tycho (5:34)
    13. "Sunsethighway" - KILN (4:03)
    14. "Raising Our Ashes" - Heathered Pearls (5:55)
    15. "The Best Way Out Is Through" - Michna (6:09)
    16. "Temporary Aztec" - Ben Benjamin (3:31)
    17. "Send and Receive" - Tycho (4:53)
    18. "Increasing Ambition" - Michna (5:42)
    19. "As Each Tucked String Tells" - Jacaszek (4:37)
    20. "Desertkarnival (rua Rebuild)" - KILN (2:43)
    21. "We Run in Tunnels" - Joel Corelitz (2:58)
    22. "Super Secret End Credits" - Shigeto (6:01)

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