1 Hour Gameplay of Hokuto Ga Gotoku (Yakuza-esque Fist of the North Star Game)

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#1 Posted by TheChris (398 posts) -

An hour showing of the Yakuza Studio's next big title coming in March in Japan, I sincerely hope they localize it as it is the kind of Yakuza game I love from what I've seen.

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#2 Posted by imhungry (1080 posts) -

Fights seem pretty weird considering how many of the enemies were already dead.

For real though, this seems like a dumb, fantastic use of that engine so count me in on hoping it gets localized.

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#3 Posted by Dray2k (884 posts) -

I always wanted a open world AAAAAAATATATATATATATATAT game.

Personally, I would import that in a hot second. However, the cities, and in parts the entire artstyle does look a little bit too clean but at least the Hokuto no Ken trademark gore is in and it does seem very faithful to at least the manga. Its nice that in 2018, people still care about this quite old stuff.

Also those developers look pretty badass I dare to say.

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#4 Posted by OurSin_360 (6090 posts) -

I like everything about this except the world design, looks super generic.

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#5 Edited by TheChris (398 posts) -

@oursin_360: Looks pretty in-line with the Mad-Max based world that is Fist of the North Star. I'm sure the cities in the game are gonna be just as interesting any of the Yakuza titles.

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#6 Edited by Zeik (5174 posts) -

I don't know much of anything about Fist of the North Star, other than some very basic level stuff, but the idea of exploding guys with my fists as a super over the top anime version of Kazuma Kiryu in a post-apocalyptic open world still sounds like something I could get into.

But it really does look a lot like Yakuza, just with the "anime as fuck" button turned up to 11.

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#7 Posted by Shiftygism (722 posts) -

If only Capcom could figure out a way to do something like this for the Street Fighter universe....or specifically the Final Fight/Slam Master corner of it.

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#8 Edited by BoOzak (2458 posts) -

This looks a lot like another Yakuza game, just like Fallout 3 was basically just another Elder Scrolls game, not that i'm complaining. I wish they went further with the visuals though. It doesnt look bad (kind of in-line with Cyberconnect2 games) but knowing what the Dragon Engine is capable of I feel like they could have done more.

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#9 Posted by TheChris (398 posts) -

@boozak: That is the point though, it’s a game that uses the Yakuza formula for something different. Also this isn’t the Dragon Engine, it’s Yakuza 0’s engine.

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#10 Posted by odinsmana (982 posts) -

This looks like a ton of fun! I really hope it gets brought over.

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