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Hokuto no Ken 5: Tenma Ryuuseiden: Ai Zesshou ("Fist of the North Star 5: Legend of the Demonic Shooting Star: A Chapter Beyond Sorrow") is a Fist of the North Star game set in an alternate universe from the manga/anime and features a protagonist other than Kenshiro (and, later, the new protagonist's son). Rather than a fighter or a brawler, like others in the Hokuto no Ken series, the game is a turn-based RPG.

Hokuto no Ken 5 was the first Fist of the North Star game for the Super Famicom, but not the last: both Hokuto no Ken 6 and Hokuto no Ken 7 were released on the system in late 1992 and late 1993 respectively. Both of these games were one-on-one fighters.

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