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    Hokuto no Ken: Hokuto Kami Denshoumono no Michi

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 14, 2008

    Follows the story of the Hokuto no Ken manga. The game also uses the stylus to imitate the Hokuto Shiken fighting style used by Kenshiro.

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    The story takes place in the Hokuto No Ken manga which covers up to Raoh's story with a total of 22 chapters.

    • Chapter 1: A Cry From the Heart
    • Chapter 2: Southern Cross!!
    • Chapter 3: Gods' Land
    • Chapter 4: To the Depths of Hell
    • Chapter 5: Kiba Clan
    • Chapter 6: Say My Name!
    • Chapter 7: The Fake Genius
    • Chapter 8: The City of Wailing Demons
    • Chapter 9: An Ominous Star Explodes
    • Chapter 10: The Man From Nanto
    • Chapter 11: The Destiny of the Justice Star
    • Chapter 12: The Red Fangs of the Enchantment Star
    • Chapter 13: The Furious Nanto
    • Chapter 14: Because of Love
    • Chapter 15: Aim for the Heavens
    • Chapter 16: A Fated Rival!
    • Chapter 17: A Sad Mad Wolf
    • Chapter 18: The Goshasei Arrives!
    • Chapter 19: An Offering to the Devil King
    • Chapter 20: The Last General of Nanto
    • Chapter 21: Farewell My Rival!
    • Chapter 22: A Life Without Regret


    The game takes the player through a bunch of manga panels. Sometimes, certain stylus actions are prompt on screen. When successful, the manga will go on. If not, the player must try again until he is successful, or he runs out of lives as shown by the big dipper constellation on the stop screen. During fight sequences, players must tap the hit marks shown on the enemies within a certain time frame. The longer the player goes on without missing (by inaccurate tapping) or running out of time, the better score he achieves. Eventually, the player may be able to control Rei with his Nanto Seiken style. Instead of tapping, you must stroke the stylus much like cutting with a knife to simulate the Nanto Seiken martial art.

    Game Modes

    There are also games modes that can be played:

    • VS Mode
    • Vital Point Striking Battle
    • Character Illustration Guide
    • The Hundred Questions of Hokuto
    • Famous Lines Cards

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