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Hokuto no Ken is a Famicom game published by Toei Animation and developed by Shoei System and Toei Animation. Hokuto no Ken is the Japanese name for Fist of the North Star. This version of the game was only released in Japan; the second Japanese release was the first to be sold in North America.


The game takes place during the early Hokuto No Ken storyline. Kenshiro faces enemies that range from the bandit leader Mr. Heart all the way up to his powerful rival Raoh.


This player controls Kenshiro moving either left or right and jumping across the five action stages. He can attack using his punches and kick and both can hit either high or low to take out the enemies. Upon killing an enemy, either one of two things would happen:

  • If Kenshiro kicked the enemy, they are flown across the screen whilst the enemy is still kicking (this also happens if the player dies).
  • If Kenshiro punched the enemy, then - just like the manga/anime - the enemies would shout out "Abeshi!" and explode.
Find Lynn to enter the correct door
Find Lynn to enter the correct door

Initially the enemies can be killed with just one punch but later on, they require two hits and eventually three hits to kill them. Only a maximum of three enemies appear on the screen and can also throw daggers and axes. There as also a mechanic to open doors in many different buildings by pressing A+B+Up. A small picture of Lynn appears on the door to show the right way to the boss. If the player keeps moving to the left, the stage will be endless until a door is opened. Once the player correctly enters the right doors, a boss appears and must be defeated to progress with Kenshiro's signature moves.

Boss Characters

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Mr. Heart - His attacks involve charging at the player which deals for a huge amount of damage and punching. If he's constantly kicked, he will then be killed exactly like the anime where his stomach will be permanently deformed and explode.
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Shin - He can perform a high jump and can throw projectiles at the player.
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Jagi - Can perform a high jump, can punch and can throw needles.
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Souther - Can hurl a three-way projectile at the player which can greatly damage Kenshiro.
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Raoh - He is surrounded by his aura and can push the player back to the edge of the screen. If attacked correctly, his helmet can come off.

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