Hollowshade Moor

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    Hollowshade Moor is a fertile wetland on the dark side of Luclin. Control over this region is hotly contested by the Vah Shir of nearby Shar Vahl, the invading Grimlings, and the native creatures of this region.

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    Hollowshade Moor
    Hollowshade Moor

    Hollowshade Moor is a hotly contested wetland just south of the Grimling Forest. The river that comes in from the forest empties out into a large, shallow lake full of beaches and sandbars. The entire region is under constant battle between the owlbears from the northwest, the sonic wolves from the east, and the Grimlings from the lake to the south. And that's not even counting the Vah Shir who defend the eastern entrance to Shar Vahl from all three factions. To the southwest is a small cave leading to the Paludal Caverns, the quickest trade route to Shadow Haven. A road of acrylia was built long ago by the Vah Shir showing the way from Shar Vahl to the Grimling Forest, though it is not often used by its citizens anymore. Much like in the Grimling Forest, smugglers often attack traders on their way between the Vah Shir city and Shadow Haven. WIth the moor being on the dark side of the moon, it offers the best look at Norrath available from Luclin. The massive planet floating in the eternal night sky is a sight all adventurers will remember. Just don't stargaze too long, for owlbears, sonic wolves, and Grimlings are prowling around everywhere.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Grimlings of the Forest
    • Guardians of Shar Vahl

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Vah Shir OutpostFood & Water, General Supplies, Weapons, Leather Armor


    Notable NPCs

    • Dirtchomp
    • Dreadmaw Wolfkin
    • Fireclaw Wolfkin
    • Ghowlik
    • Gleeknot Gnitrat
    • Gnarlick
    • Gniktar Grinwit
    • Gorehorn
    • Grurn No Eyes
    • Prince Garzemort
    • Prince Skriatat
    • Scarflank
    • Skriat`Chakku
    • Skriat`Chee
    • Skrietat`Cha
    • Skrietat`Chu
    • Warpaw Dankpelt
    • Wiknak Grimglom

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