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Holosseum is a 2D fighting game developed and released by Sega for arcades (running Sega System 32 hardware) in December 1992.

One of Sega's three sprite-based fighting games (along with Burning Rival and Dark Edge, both also released for Sega System 32 hardware) and the last game (out of two) to use Sega's hologram theater arcade cabinet (after the 1991 LaserDisc-based Time Traveler), Holosseum attempts to give the illusion of holography by using a special concave projection mirror (that reflects a standard CRT television set) and a pure-black background.

Similar to Karate Champ, the game does not allow much freedom-of-movement, utilizing a very small play area.


The game only includes four playable characters. After defeating all four opponents in single-player mode, players must win 10 straight rounds in a row in a limited amount of time to win the game.


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