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Home Improvement is a video game adaptation of the TV show featuring Tim Allen about a TV DIY showman and his family that aired between 1991-99 on ABC. It was released exclusively for the Super Nintendo and for the US market.

When Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor is tasked by Binford Tool with demonstrating a new line of "Taylor-Turbo Power Tools," on his show Tool Time they are quickly stolen from the set before he can get his hands on them. Following a mysterious clue left behind with the empty crates he pursues the tools across the various sets of other TV shows being aired in the same studio. Eight ultra-powerful tools are at his disposal, with notable mentions being a nail gun, blowtorch, jackhammer and chainsaw. Tim's cohost Al and his children are also present to help rescue his tools and bring back justice to the Binford brand.

Fun Fact

The game was not packaged with a manual. Instead, loading screens read, "Real men do not use instructions."

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