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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, is a multiplayer based strategy game in which the developer Blackbird Interactive is describing as "the world’s first planetary-scale social strategy game." Players control a fleet of massive vehicles to explore and gather salvage, in a fight for fortune and survival.


Planet LM-27 is a hostile desert wasteland, a graveyard for ancient starships that litter the planet's surface. The planet is owned by Long March Industries (LMI), a ruthless megacorporation, in the interstellar business of planetary wealth usurpation. LMI controls the planet's resources and overseers those who have come to LM-27, looking for the untold wealth buried in the sands .


Blackbird Interactive is made up of ex-Relic Entertainment developers and some of the founding members, most notably Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz, both who created and developed the Homeworld franchise.

Originally titled Hardware: Shipbreakers, the game was planned to be a spiritual successor (albeit a prequel) to the Homeworld franchise. After Gearbox acquired the Homeworld franchise from THQ they signed a deal with Blackbird to fund the game, provide production assistance and make it an official Homeworld title.


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