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    Hong Kong Mahjong Pro

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1992

    Suffer the Ultimate Penalty for your Chicken Hands as you square off against Uncle Chen, Auntie Loo and Dennis Yung in the centuries-old tile game of Mahjong!

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    Hong Kong Mahjong Pro is a mahjong game developed by Nine Dragons Software and published by Electronic Arts for DOS PCs in 1992. An enhanced Windows version was later released as shareware by Nine Dragons Software themselves in 1996, under the name Hong Kong Mahjong (or Hong Kong Mahjong for Windows).

    A retail remake of the shareware game Hong Kong Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong Pro features a revamped mouse-based interface, multiple AI opponents to play with (each with their own difficulty), and an in-depth tutorial. Like the original, the game uses the Hong Kong version of mahjong (which is now known as "Hong Kong Old Style", or "HKOS").


    Average Skill

    • Wing Yin
    • Miko
    • Kathleen - Only plays 1+ hand games.
    • Christopher

    Good Skill

    • Jonathan
    • Dennis Yung
    • Jack - Only plays 1+ hand games.
    • Leslie

    Expert Skill

    • Auntie Loo - Only plays 1+ hand games.
    • Uncle Chen - Only plays 2+ hand games. Falsely declaring mahjong while he is playing causes the player to give 128 chips to each other player.
    • Joe Cheung - Only plays 1+ hand games.
    • Wong Ho Ming - Only plays games were discarded tiles are turned face-down before the next one is discarded.

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