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    Hong Yun-seong

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    Hong Yun-seong is a Korean warrior who made his first appearance in Soul Calibur II. He seeks the power of Soul Edge to protect his country.

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    As a child Yun-seong mentored himself after Hwang Seong-gyeong. Yun-seong trained hard for many years, until he was known as a remarkable swordsman, and even recognized by his seniors. Hwang was no longer an idol, but a standard for Yun-seong to surpass. One day upon hearing that Hwang was returning, Yun-seong went to challenge him to a fight, hoping to finally surpassing him. Hwang however turned down his challenge, being busy in preparation to join the military to help defend Korea from invaders. Seong Mi-na, upon seeing the depressed youth, presented him with a family heirloom, the Dao White Storm which according to legend could reflect the wielders inner self. After reflecting Yun-seong realized that he had been selfish for challenging Hwang while Korea was in a state of crisis. Yun-seong also cooked up a plan that night. If he was able to find the sword of salvation that even Hwang had failed to find, Hwang would be forced to recognize him and accept his challenge. That night Yun-seong packed up his belongings along with the White Storm and left to find the sword of Salvation.

    During his journey Yun-seong began to question his goal as he began to hear rumors that the sword of salvation was in fact an evil sword. Eventually Yun-seong came along a village whose people had been driven out of their original home due to a battle over a fragment of Soul Edge. When he announced his mission to find Soul Edge, he was greeted by the village with kindness by everyone except for a girl named Talim. She attempted to warn him about the sword but Yun-seong paid little attention to her words, determined to find it. Upon mention of Soul Edge Yun-seong noticed that the children's leader, a sickly boy, had seemed almost frightened. He bid his time until he'd be able to question him about the sword. However try as he might the boy avoided him. Talim attempted to cure the boy of his sickness, but never could, and slowly sank to depression. Worried about the small girl Yun-seong began to talk to her often, and eventually she started to warm up to him. The boy’s condition however continued to worsen. Talim wanted to attempt a new more drastic treatment, however the boy refused. Yun-seong was worried about the child, and was finally able to confront and talk to him.

    The boy told Yun-seong that he had been the child of the lord of the fortress city that all the villagers where originally from. One day his father came across a shard of Soul Edge and was driven insane. He began to do human experimentation, even using his own son as a subject. It was because of these experiments that the child was now being consumed by dark energy which Talim had been attempting to extract. One night the city was attacked, and he was able to escape while saving the rest of the children who would have been used for the same experiments. Upon hearing the story, Yun-seong handed the boy the White Storm, and told the boy it had the ability to reveal one's inner self when someone looks into it.

    The ritual was successful, and Talim left the village. Yun-seong followed her, as he still had some unanswered questions. Before leaving however the boy told Yun-seong that Nightmare, the wielder of Soul Edge, was in the west. As Yun-seong traveled with Talim they eventually ran across Seong Mi-na. Knowing that Seong Mi-na would attempt to drag him home Yun-seong left in the middle of the night. As he traveled out to meet the azure night he once again encountered Hwang. Hwang warned him that the sword was evil. Since Hwang had always been Yun-seong’s mentor, for the first time Yun-seong accepted the possibility that Soul Edge may in fact be evil. Regardless he knew that he would have to find out for himself.


    Soul Calibur III

    Yun-seong approaches Soul Edge. As he grabs it he is shocked and thrown back. When he gets back up he notices that there is a fruit basket next to Soul Edge.

    If the player puts in the command Yun-seong goes for the fruit basket but is knocked out from behind by Seong Mi-na. Seong Mi-na then lecture Yun-seong that the sword will not make him any stronger and forces him to carry large heavy bags as a punishment

    If no command is put in he picks up his sword and breaks Soul Edge. The screen fades to white and shows Yun-seong on a bridge. While he doesn’t know what it is he’s looking for, he knows he does not need the evil sword to make him stronger.

    Soul Calibur IV

    As Yun-seong picks up the sword a bright light flashes from Soul Edge. He begins to hear a female voice questioning his intentions. He replies that he wants to use the sword to defend the people and country that he loves. The voice asks him if that is truly what he wants, why he is doing this. Yun-seong looks down to Soul Edge confused, only to realize that he is not holding Soul Edge in his hands, but Seong Mi-na’s neck. He let’s go in shock and hold what looks to be a dead Seong Mi-na in his arms. The screen fades to outside the castle where Yun-seong is carrying Seong Mi-na on his back. He asks her why she played dead, and she relies that she only passed out for a second. They both laugh and head for home.


    Originally Yun-seong wore a white vest without sleeves that ended at his stomach. He also had white pants, a red belt, and picky red hair. In Soul Calibur III his design was changed to a longer green vest and dark pants that ended below his knees. In Soul Calibur IV Yun-seong lacks a shirt and wears a medallion around his neck, his pants are now red and he covers his hair with a green headband.


    • White Storm
    • Machete
    • Khanjar
    • Xiao Lian
    • Giant Butcher Knife
    • Cheng Ying
    • Ramdao
    • Blue Thunder
    • Soul Edge (Complete)
    • Hang Guang
    • Child’s Sword


    • Imperial Villa (SCII)
    • Egyptian Temple (SCIII)
    • Phantom Pavilion (SCIV)

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