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Pokemon No.
Classification: Owl Pokémon
Type: Normal/Flying
Height: 2'4" / 0.7m
Weight: 46.7 lbs / 21.2kg

Hoothoot is an Owl type Pokémon, a small brown Pokémon that stands on one leg and moves it's feet so fast that the movement can rarely be seen by the human eye.  Hoothoot has an internal organ that can track the earth's rotation, because of this it begins to hoot as the same time every day.  It also has a very precise sense of timing, and can always tilt it's head in rhythm, no matter what happens.


Hoothoot evolves into this Pokemon, Noctowl
Hoothoot evolves into this Pokemon, Noctowl


Evolves from: n/a
Evolves into: Noctowl
Level: 20
Requirements: no special requirements

Hoothoot evolves to Noctowl at level 20 with no happiness requirements or stones.


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