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    Horned Reaper

    Character » appears in 4 games

    The box art model and star of the Dungeon Keeper games. An uncontrollable, powerful demon created by Mark Healey.

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    Dungeon Keeper

    The Horned Reaper is the icon of the game. Being the best fighters available for a player to have, even when they're only level 1. Training them can be expensive and a long process but ultimately pays off. They are easily angered and if they are not kept occupied then they will wreak havoc in the player's dungeon.

    Dungeon Keeper 2

    Again, the icon of the game. In Dungeon Keeper 2 there is only one Horned Reaper, nicknamed 'Horny.' He is strongest creature in the game and is invincible whilst on the field. Players are not able to attract him through a portal and he can only be summoned via a spell. After being on the field for a while Horny will begin to drain the player's mana reserves and will continue to do so until slapped from the realm or until the player does not have sufficient mana to sustain him.


    Dungeon Keeper

    • Becomes angry when slapped.
    • Becomes angry when bored.
    • Becomes angry when unpaid.
    • Becomes angry in the company of other creatures.
    • Can easily destroy a Keeper in under five minutes.
    • Is immune to lava as well as lava traps.

    Dungeon Keeper 2

    • Invincibility.
    • Deals large damage to friendly and enemy creatures alike.
    • The only creature that can kill Stone Knights.
    • Has a speech impediment.

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