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Hot Dog Storm plays like any typical vertical scrolling shoot 'em up from the early-to-mid 90's. The player takes the role of the pilot of a futuristic space fighter, waging war against a horde of giant robots, tanks, mechs, and massive gunships. Similar to games like Strikers 1945 or Raiden, enemies often attack with extremely fast volleys of projectiles, in contrast to proto-bullet hell games such as DonPachi that started appearing the previous year.

The game has five stages, each ending in a boss fight. Bosses have destructible parts that can be blown apart piece by piece for more points, and each boss also has a telegraphed super weapon that fires periodically and must be avoided.

The game

The game never explains its unusual title.



Powers up your primary weapon by one level.

Blue B:

Adds a mega-bomb to your arsenal. Dropping one of these will destroy all incoming projectiles instantly, gaining you some breathing room, as well as vaporizing any of the weaker enemies on the screen.


Adds two Laser Beams that will fire from red orbs that appear either side of you ship, that when fired pass through multiple enemies causing moderate damage.

Each further red pickup upgrades your weapons more so.


Adds two missile pods that both fire in a 'Y' pattern, dealing moderate to heavy damage.


Adds two pods that fire slow-moving orbs that deal heavy damage on contact within a sizable radius. Useful against structures.

Upgrades make these fire faster and have a longer range.

Player One's Fighter

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Player Two's Fighter

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