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    Hot Shots Golf 2

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jul 29, 1999

    The game that put Hot Shots on the map. Hot Shots Golf 2 is the sequel to Hot Shot Golf and made the series a staple with it's zany characters.

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    Hot Shots Golf 2 has an assortment of modes including Stroke play, Match, Tour, Mini-golf, a VS mode, and a Training mode. In Stroke play, the lowest number of strokes wins. In match play, whoever has won the most holes wins regardless of stroke count.  Tour mode allows the player to unlock new courses, clubs, and balls and it is new to the series.  In Tour mode, there are 4 seasons to play with 18 holes each.  Players build up points by playing the holes and reach new courses if a certain amount of points are accumulated.  Mini-golf is a set of 18 holes of Par 3 golfing, unlike its predecessor which was an actual mini-golf course with only putting.  Training is just a practice mode that allows the player to hone their skills on any hole they have unlocked. In VS mode, players will be able to unlock new characters by golfing against the new characters, which are controlled by the CPU, and beating them. 

    Each character in Hot Shots Golf 2 are rated on four categories: power, control, impact, and spin.  These attributes are graded on a scale from "A" to "E", "A" being the best and "E" being the worst.  An "S" rank is achievable on these attributes if special clubs and balls are unlocked. 


    Main Characters 

    The 3 characters that the game initially starts with are (Japanese character names/ US character names): 
    • Kumi / Sam
    • Ryo / Mel
    • Suzuki / Cedric

    Unlockable Characters

    • Hitomi / Dottie
    • Takuya / Freddie
    • Silvia / Jesse
    • Charles / Spike
    • Ben / Chip
    • Leon / Rocco
    • Hawk / Mason
    • Leila
    • Cougar
    • Vader

    Secret Characters

    • Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal
    • Gex
    • Sir Daniel Fortesque

    Balls and Clubs

    There are a ball and club for each class of Pinhole, Turbospin, and Bigair.  Beginner class only contains clubs while Straight only contains balls.
    The effects of Pinhole balls and clubs are an increase in control and a decrease in impact. 
    The effects of Turbospin balls and clubs are an increase in spin and a decrease in power and impact. 
    The effects of Bigair balls and clubs are an increase in power and a decrease in control and impact. 
    The effects of Beginners clubs are an increase in impact but a decrease in power. 
    The effects of Straight balls are an increase in control but a decrease in power.  


     Hot Shots Golf 2 includes 7 courses, these courses are: 
    • Balata Country Club
    • Four Winds Country Club
    • Blue Waters Country Club
    • Emerald Resort
    • Death Valley
    • National Greens
    • King's Gardens


    Included with the Playstation 1 game was an advertisement to buy a Hot Shots 2 logo golf towel and golf balls.

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