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    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Dec 17, 2011

    Hot Shots Golf comes to PlayStation Vita as a launch title.

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    Hot Shots Golf (also called Everybody's Golf in the EU) for the PlayStation Vita is a golf game developed by Clap Hanz and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It features brand new courses and characters and no reuse of previous game assets. The game was first unveiled at an event called Playstation Meeting 2011 on January 27, 2011 in a game montage for the Playstation Vita. It was a launch title for the PlayStation Vita.

    PlayStation 3 version

    On July 23 2013, a PS3 version was released on the PSN. This version of the game supports the PS Move motion controller, allows cross-play multiplayer between PS3 & Vita, and any DLC purchased is cross buy between platforms. (The game itself does not support cross save or cross buy.)


    This game introduces new optional touch controls. Before taking a shot, the tee position can be changed by sliding the character along the screen. By touching the environment, players can interact with it allowing them to rustle trees or change the time-of-day in realtime by sliding the sky to the side, changing the shaders and lighting used on the course. The sky can be completely replaced by the player's environment through an augmented reality mode which also allows players to get a 360 degree look around the character through the gyroscope. Dual analog sticks are used to look through the course and at any time the player can rub a certain part of the course to find out the distance of that point from the tee. Expanding on this feature, touching a point on the golf course can automatically change the player's golf club according to the distance of that point. By sliding along the Vita's rear touch pad, players can also change their viewpoint on the character from the second shot onwards.

    Hitting the Ball

    By default the golfer will always hit the ball right in the middle. However, different types of shots are available to the player.

    The Basic form of Spin is applied by holding in the desired Direction on the D-Pad while pressing X to make the actual Shot.

    Super Spin Shot (Needs Perfect Impact)

    To apply even more Spin to the ball the Player hast to hold the Opposite Direction on the D-Pad while setting the Power and after that the direction for the Spin while Hitting the Ball. For Example:

    To apply Super Top Spin, first hold Down on the D-Pad while the shot gauge is building up, hold Down till the Power is set. After that hold up while making the actual shot. If successful a blue dot will appear on the ball’s point of impact and there will be a blue streak tail following the ball’s flight

    Game modes

    Multiplayer mode

    Hot Shots Golf World Invitational features multiplayer support for up to eight players. Players can play locally using the Vita's ad-hoc mode, or go online to play against opponents around the world.


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