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    Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 29, 2010

    Hot Shots Tennis arrives on the PSP by applying the "Hot Shots" formula to tennis with unique characters and 4 player ad-hoc multiplayer.

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    Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip is an arcade tennis game in line with the rest of the Hot Shots games. The game's physics are loose and forgiving, yet still true to the game of tennis. This game refines the gameplay found in 2007's Hot Shots Tennis on the PS2, which was the first introduction of tennis applied to the Hot Shots formula. This is not a serious tennis game; rather, it has colorful characters, wacky locations, and easy controls to understand. The game's controls are simple and easy to pick up for almost anyone (as the Hot Shots games strive to accomplish, but without dumbing down the difficulty or making the game too trivial).

    The game uses the PSP's face buttons to dictate the different types of shots when returning a shot: lob, slice, or topspin. Serving is handled in a similar vein. The gameplay has layers of depth for players willing to put the time to understand the game further. This added complexity comes in the form of angling shots, timing the returns, and moving around the court efficiently.

    The personality and presentation of the game is cartoony, with similar visuals to match. All of the playful atmosphere compliments the easy to understand gameplay in Hot Shots Tennis. The game's main single-player mode has playful items to outfit the character with, like hair, clothes, accessories, and costumes.

    Get a Grip introduces an open-world story as the main single-player campaign, where the player is a member of the Love Tennis Club and the first thing to do is recruit the best players for the world championships. Players travel around the globe completing challenges and matches to earn new equipment and accessories. After completing specific tasks (such as beating another player to get keys), and the player can then face the area's boss to get him/her on their team. Each location has a different boss and after beating him/her, they can be outfitted them with own accessories and items to boost their stats or change their appearance. This mode also has dialogue between the characters, which adds to the RPG-like nature of the story mode.

    The multiplayer mode is simply ad-hoc, local play with up to three other players. No online play is available in this game.


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