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Hot Springs Story, released for North American cell phones on February 28, 2011, is a follow-up to Kairosoft's Game Dev Story. Unlike the company's previous title, which charges players with the task of running a game development studio, Hot Springs Story revolves around the management of a Japanese hot springs resort.

Targets List

Hot Springs Story revolves around the people visiting the player's hot spring. The list below includes all Targets identified so far as well as their bonuses.

Tea ExpertFacilities
TV HostAdvertising
M. ArtistStayers
G. ManagerAdvertising
Pastry ChefItems
Old CoupleItems
Young CoupleStayers
Booth BabeVotes
Young FamilyVotes
Antique DirectorVotes


Hot Spring Story includes a variety of facilities you can use to expand your hot spring. Below is a list of each facility and it's cost.

Facility NamePrice to Build
Tatami Room$150
Western Room (Requires Store Purchase)$150
Vending Machine$100
Massage Chair (Requires Story Purchase)$250
Bath (Male)$360
Bath (Female)$360


Hot Spring Story also uses a variety of stores to enhance the player's hot spring, and to ensure the hot spring's maximum amount of luxury. Below is a list of all the stores and their prices.

Store NamePrice to Build
Souvenir Stand$350
Arcade (Requires Investment)$320
Reading Room (Requires Investment)$340
Pachinko Machine$220
Salon (Requires Investment)$420
Cafe (Requires Investment)$480
Fortuneteller (Requires Investment)$0
Ping Pong Table (Requires Investment($500


Some rooms are more compatible with other rooms stationed near them. Below is a list of rooms that are enhance other rooms.

Facility/Store 1Facility/Store 2End Result
Tatami Room or Western RoomPachinko MachineBenefits all guests
Tatami Room or Western RoomMassage ChairBenefits Adults and Seniors
Tatami Room or Western RoomCafeBenefits Men
Tatami Room or Western RoomFortunetellerBenefits Women
Tatami Room or Western RoomVending MachineBenefits all guests
Tatami RoomTatami RoomBenefits all guests
Western RoomWestern RoomBenefits all guests
Western RoomRestaurantBenefits all guests
Souvenir StandWestern RoomBenefits Youth, Hurts everyone else
Souvenir StandVending MachineBenefits Youths, Adults and Groups
Pachinko MachineArcadeBenefits Men
Pachinko MachinePachinko MachineBenefits Adult Men
Massage ChairSalonBenefits Women
CafeReading RoomBenefits Adult and Senior Men
CafeArcadeHurts both Adult Men and Senior Men
SalonFortunetellerBenefits Women
SalonPachinko MachineBenefits Women
Vending MachinePing Pong TableBenefits All
Vending MachineArcadeBenefits Youth
Reading RoomPachinko MachineHurts All
Ping Pong TableArcadeBenefits Groups


Each year the player's hot spring is put against other springs in Japan in magazine guide competitions. Below is a list of each guide, and info about it.

Guide NameCopies DistributedNumber of Inns CompetingSpecial Focus
Local Springs (Easy)460k23None
Prefectural Springs (Moderate)9100k142None
Touring Japan (Tough)18,400k230None
Le Nichelin Guide (Hard)32,700k76None
Glamour Springs (Moderate)7,400k84Focuses on Women
Top 100 Springs (Tough)11,600k100Focuses on Bath's
Gourmet Springs (Moderate)13,200k88Focuses on Eateries
Relaxing Springs (Tough)14,100k78Focuses on Scenery

Store Items

The Store lets the player buy items that can be used on rooms in the hot spring. Each item's cost is raised with each purchase. Below is a list of each item, and it's recommended use.

ItemBest used on
Green TeaRestaurants, Vending Machines
Iced TeaVending Machine
MilkRestaurants, Vending Machines
Comic BooksReading Rooms, Stores
Popularity SeedAll Rooms
Price SeedAll Rooms

Special Seeds

There are also several special seeds that are only available from winning first place in specific guides.

Seed NameSeed EffectHow to Win
Glamour SeedBoost popularity with Women1st Place in Glamour Springs Guide
Gourmet SeedBoost popularity and price in all restaurants1st Place in Gourmet Springs Guide

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