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    Hotaru is a playable character in the Mortal Kombat series.

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    Alignment: Neutral
    Species: Seidan
    Origin: Orderrealm
    Allies: Onaga
    Enemies: Dairou


    A Seidan from the Orderrealm, Hotaru is obsessed with the concept of Order and it's application to all things. Outworld has always been a source of disturbance to him and his people, but now a new leader may once again bring order to the realms. Hotaru will help Onaga reestablish his rule, as the Dragon King previously embraced a kind of order through brute military rule.

    Hotaru finds himself now fighting along side the vile Tarkatan people, led by Baraka. He bears this now as they share the same interests. He hears of a disturbance, a ninja by the name of Sub-Zero. Hotaru sees Sub-Zero as an interloper and a threat to his approaching victory and begins his search to confront and destroy him. During this, the resistance movement in the Orderrealm, led by Darrius, has been gaining traction. The group has long been trying to remove Hotaru from power and overturn the power of the Orderrealm Senate. Darrius has ordered one of his follows, Dairou, to kill the unaware Hotaru at all costs. 


    Mortal Kombat: Deception

    Hotaru manages to capture Sub-Zero and brings him before the Dragon King, who promptly orders Hotaru to kill him as a sign of caution to all who would disobey him.

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

    After defeating Blaze, Hotaru is given the power to impose his will and order on everyone else. With a zealot-like mindset, Hotaru makes those around him to accept order or be forced to. He targets Havik of the Chaosrealm and transforms him into his second-in-command.


    Hotaru is the Japanese word for "firefly."



    Hotaru's Fighting Styles are Ba Shan Fan and Pi Gua. Hotaru's Weapon Style is Naginata.


    Hotaru's Fighting Style is Pi Gua. Hotaru's Weapon Style is Naginata.


    Hotaru's alternate costume features additional armor and helmet. Now clad head to toe, he's prepared to lead his warriors to the front lines. This version also forgoes the flags for a more streamlined fighter.

    Special Moves


    • Grasshopper: F, F, LK
    • Lava Burst:  D, B, HP


    • Quick Tricks: B, F, HK
    • Grasshopper: F, F, LK
    • Lava Burst:  D, B, HP
    • Fury Punch & Escape: B, F, HP


    No Caption Provided
    • Slam & Smash
      (Sweep Distance) F, U, B, D, HP
    • Triple Neck Snap
      (Close) D, F, B, F, LP
    • Hara-Kiri: Head & Spine Rip
      U, B, B, B, LP


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