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Quinn, the wedding planner from the Wedding Dash line, expands her business to include Honeymoon planning. After booking the local pizzeria owner, Tony, and his bride Vicky in the Dinertown Suites she discovers that the hotel is in disarray, as are the other available hotels in Dinertown. With only 10 days to go to Tony and Vicky's honeymoon, Flo and Quinn decide to work together to turn the hotel into a “dream getaway”.

After fixing up Dinertown Suites other hotels that Quinn booked for clients also have problems that require Flo and Quinn's help.

In addition to cash, which every hotel guest pays, rooms can be upgraded with stars. Upon check-out guests that stayed in an upgraded room also give Stars, which are used to upgrade a top-grade suite, which should be upgraded by the ninth level of the venue.

Quinn works the front desk at each hotel the duo work to fix up, and Flo deals with the hotel guest's needs. There are fruit baskets which are set in front of the rooms before guests are assigned rooms (bonus points are awarded for matching guest and room colours). Flo delivers luggage, dinner, towels and pillows, mops up spills, helps sleepwalkers back to their rooms, feeds dogs, checks guests out, and cleans the linens. Quinn's only interactive choice is to fix power outages, which a mysterious figure in a trench coat and beret causes.

There are 50 levels over five venues. The five hotels that Flo and Quinn renovate are Dinertown Suites; Alpine Ski Lodge; Stark Suite, a business hotel; Tiki Palace Hotel, a tropical beach hotel; and Dunwich House, a haunted mansion hotel.

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