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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 10, 2015

    The sequel to Dennaton's hit 2D action game moves the neon murder from the '80s to a '90s setting, and concludes the series.

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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the sequel to Hotline Miami and picks up from the events of the first game. Wrong Number's story is greatly tied to that of the first game, and follows several parallel plots, each following their own unique characters. Hotline Miami's main character has only a minor role and is not playable.

    The developers have stated that this game is to be the final game in the series.


    The game plays similarly to Hotline Miami, while adding some new abilities for different characters. Players are able to pick between easy and classic difficulty in addition to hard difficulty, which can only be unlocked if the player finishes the game. In hard difficulty, enemies will be tougher to take down and some abilities will be taken away.

    Masks make a return, with some old masks included with new ones. These new masks grant new abilities to characters who use masks. Some characters come with their own unique abilities already like The Writer, who uses non-lethal attacks unless he does a 'finisher' on a downed enemy and unloads guns he picks up.

    Hotline Miami 2 will also come with a level editor, but it won't be released until sometime in spring 2015.


    The story of Hotline Miami 2 is told through multiple character's perspectives. The main characters are:

    • The Pig Butcher: A fictionalized version of Jacket created for an exploitation movie that portrays Jacket as a murderous psychopath. The character is played by actor Martin Brown, who is in the midst of having a mental breakdown.
    • The Fans: A group of people who see Jacket as a hero and try to emulate him. The members include Corey (Zebra Mask), Tony (Tiger Mask), Mark (Bear Mask), and brother/sister duo Alex and Ash (Swan Masks).
    • The Detective: Manny Pardo is a detective who is investigating murders by a serial killer in Miami.
    • Jake: A member of the mysterious group 50 Blessings. He holds contempt with his employers and seeks to find the truth about the group.
    • The Henchman: A Russian mobster who wants to get out of the mob life.
    • The Writer: A journalist named Evan who works alongside The Detective and writes about the investigation.
    • The Soldier: A special forces Lieutenant stationed in Hawaii. He is part of a unit called the Ghost Wolves.
    • The Son: The son of the mob boss from the first game. He wants to utterly destroy a rival Columbian gang.
    • Richter: A character who appeared as an NPC wearing a rat mask in the first game.


    Several of the artists whose music was featured in the original game's popular soundtrack also contribute to Wrong Number, including Jasper Byrne, Perturbator, Scattle, and M.O.O.N. New artists include Carpenter Brut, Magic Sword, MegaDrive, and others.


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