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So I have watched youtube videos of people completing the boss battle in Showdown but I can not duplicate it. Tried for half an hour and every time I kill the panthers by the water fountain and right after she says she'll take care of me she throws a ninja star (I guess I can't really tell) before I can even move and I die. I gotta say I enjoy this game for the most part but the boss fights have really killed this game at times for me. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get past this?

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as soon as you kill the panthers, AS SOON AS, run for her swinging. It takes perfect timing, also try to stay in close when you kill the panthers, grab the trophy and get up where you can attack her after. If you keep the sights in the panther's direction and swing like crazy they won't touch you.

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@Meteor_VII: Try throwing something at her.

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You have to throw the thing (metal vase?) you use to kill the animals at her, then finish her off.

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Throw the thing at the ninja girl.

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@gaminghooligan: I got it on my first try. The timing's not that tight, but that's if you don't try to melee her. You can throw the thing (vase?) at her after killing the panthers. You have quite a while for this (in the context of this game). Also the real pain is the guy sitting at the table.

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@sam1am7000: fair enough lol and yes the guy sitting at the table was a bitch

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@gaminghooligan said:

@sam1am7000: fair enough lol and yes the guy sitting at the table was a bitch

If you get right in his grill, he shoots past you and can't actually hurt you. It was a nice surprise after my trial-and-error shenanigans with the panthers and ninja girl.

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If you hide behind the fountain or statue on the right side (forgot what it was) and slowly creep out so only one panther can see you at a time, then they will run at you. Kill them individually. Then immediately start moving to the left to avoid her ninja star and throw the vase at the girl. Beat her up a bit and let her crawl. Let her get close to the boss at the table before finishing her off. Quickly run to the right side of the boss while you're touching him and he will shoot past you kind of. When he reloads, grab the weapons she drops and hit him. You'll probably have to wait for the boss to unload another magazine, then grab the last weapon and hit him one more time. Don't stay touching him on the right side when you get the killing blow though, he seems to shoot as he falls over and he'll hit you if you're just to the right of him.

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Grab the vase. Go backwards while swinging to take both panthers out one at a time as they lunge at you (two hits each). Throw the vase at the girl as soon as she runs towards you. Finish her off. Move behind fountain so you won't get shot. When the guy at the desk reloads, grab a weapon. Lock on to him. When he reloads again, throw the weapon at him. Repeat.

That worked for me, at least.

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Yupp, I'm the same. Gave up on the game after about 45 minutes of that boss and watched the rest on YouTube. What sucks to is that if you bring a gun or knife in, it's completely useless.

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