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Snack of the Year 0

Hotline Miami is a top-down puzzle-shooter with very strong visual character and a deadly soundtrack of finely curated deep and dark electronic beats. The super colourful and lovingly animated bit-styled graphics elevate it outside the range of most retro-inspired games. This is a fresh, invigorating game, through and through. I was no where near Miami in 1989, but I'm damn sure it was just like this.Tony the Tiger, among the game's best masks.Playing Hotline can mostly be described as a long se...

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What a rush. 0

Note to self: never mix cornflakes with cocaine.Set during the end stretch of 80s Miami, Hotline Miami has you take up the role of a nameless, voiceless protagonist, as you smash, cut, cleave, slice shoot, boot, stomp, whack, and generally eviscerate your way through a number of pixel people.The game's premise and much of its overall narrative is intentionally left as somewhat vague, obscure, and maybe even a little obtuse. But it works within the game's themes, and does what only video games ca...

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Shotguns and Shag Carpets 2

Hotline Miami is a top-down action-adventure game set in the dark criminal underbelly of 1980s Miami. In it you play as an unnamed individual, travelling to specified locations and systemically slaughtering the armed thugs inside at the order of a succession of mysterious phone calls. It’s a game that fascinates me because it utilises a very punishing level of difficulty and strong elements of stealth games, both features that have never been quite my cup of tea, and yet from the moment I click ...

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Pure Mayhem 0

Translating a film to a completely different medium is a commendable task. 2011's Drive was a fairly well made movie consisting of gruesome violence alongside a dark, brooding, and atmospheric mob narrative. 2012's Hotline Miami utilizes that film as a direct influence for its own atmospheric style; easily the title's greatest asset. The rest of which could be described as relentless and challenging, perhaps taking some instances too far in that regard, but is simultaneously memorable and gratif...

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Visually striking, frustrating to play. 0

There is a plot intertwined amongst the levels in Hotline Miami, but it is a vague and bland one. You play as an unnamed man who receives messages on his answering machine, sending him to certain addresses to “take care” of the residents within. Upon reaching the location, your character puts on a mask and enters the building to brutally murder everyone he finds inside. In between these levels, you get small scenes that are meant to slowly add up to something. However, you must find ...

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Hotline Miami Review 0

Hotline Miami is a classic example that you shouldn't judge a book (or game) by its cover. First impressions from screenshots and videos may leave you thinking of it as a run of the mill, top-down shooter where you blast baddies with guns (with some ultra-violence mixed in); end of story. But if you aren’t familiar with what it actually is, as I was not, then the reality is that Hotline Miami is something much more thrilling, intricate, and insightful than what your initial impression pro...

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Violence and fun, oh my! 0

These kind of games generally don't interest me at all so why did I desire to see what Hotline Miami was all about? Word of mouth whether it's from the brutal violence, the stellar soundtrack or the addicting arcade-y feel, something about the game at least was calling out for a playthrough if nothing else. But when word spreads that a small indie game that looks like it was made on a shoestring budget is proclaimed "one of the best of the year" in the same breath as FTL, well it's hard to not ...

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I'm hot for Hotline Miami 0

Having recently played this game, I wish to codify my opinions so that I can later review them.First play-through took me 5 hours.Hotline Miami scratches a very particular itch, the itch that only twitch shooters can satisfy, it is a very fast pace game that calls on the accuracy and the reactions on the player. It's controls (for the keyboard) are more than accurate for manoeuvring some complex actions to brutally murder several people. That is at least how I played it, since the game is not cl...

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Hotline Miami is a stylistic, gory top-down game, and certainly one of the top games of 2012. 0

Hotline Miami, compared to the triple-A titles released this year, may seem to pale in contrast. It's pixelated style is reminiscent of 8-bit shooters, and its gameplay is technically quite simple. If we examine solely the mechanics of the game, Hotline Miami might seem to be nothing more than an amateur Flash game. Looking at the game in its entirety, however, it becomes apparent that Hotline Miami is one of the most amazing games ever created.Hotline Miami tasks you, an unnamed protagonist, w...

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A cocaine-fueled ascention into madness and depravity.... 0

...or in layman's terms, a simple, but brutally difficult arcade beat-'em-up that's fun for the whole family (not really). Seriously though, while this is a game that harkens back to the full-throttle action arcade classics like Contra with a difficulty spike that rivals Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami is soaked with so much blood and guts it'd make movies like Scarface and Drive vomit (or aroused, depending on your point of view). In fact, that's exactly what HM feels like; a videogame adaptatio...

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A realistic look at the 80s featuring masks. Animal masks. 0

It’s 1989. A red light blinks on your answer machine. You check your messages and you’re asked to go to a certain address to “help out” with various jobs. It’s time to suit up and the most important question is do you wear your dog mask or your chicken mask?Hotline Miami is a truly bizarre game featuring some of the most violent content I’ve seen in a while. It’s a top-down shooter with pixelated neon graphics and incredible electronic music. The story is very confusing as you can’t figure out ...

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Hotline Miami - blood and guts with strategy 0

Go grab this! Hotline Miami has a fantastic art style and relies on a combination of strategy and quick reactions to overcome each of it's combat puzzles. If you are not a fan of blood guts and violence, this one probably isn't for you, though despite appearances, that's not what the game is about. ...

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Only one word to describe it: Delicious 0

How can a game so violent and so difficult be so incredibly good? Hotline Miami is an odd beast. A top down shooter with a plot that would make Suda51 smile, in a lot of ways the game presents itself as a love letter to 1980s action films as you guide a voiceless character through unimaginable series of slaughters against small armies of hitmen. There's very little in the way of narrative, as the main player character wakes up one afternoon and receives cryptic, euphemistic phone calls from an ...

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A Grotesquely Beautiful Critique on Violence Entertainment 0

Hotline Miami wants you to hurt people.With its oversaturated neon colors aesthetic and ambient synth rock, Dennaton Games title wants you to think of violent action flicks such as Scarface and Drive, films rebelling against their own perceived places in the world with blood, guns and brutality. It’s 1989, a time of VHS cassettes and answering machines. When you check yours, you’re given a cryptic message with a location and a time. You’re going there to kill everyone.You put on your animal mask...

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Fun AND provocative? Yes, it is possible. 0

Hotline Miami is an unexpected treat. At first glance it could probably be written off as yet another "retro-inspired" beat-em-up, but when you actually sit down and play it you discover that it's something much more. It's not only insanely fluid and fun to play, but it really manages to make its players think about what they're doing, and about violence in video games in general.The graphics are worth noting because, at first glance, they might not seem all that special. But when the game is in...

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Simple, brutal fun regardless of technical issues. 0

It's a good thing I don't really discuss nor rate games based on narrative, because if I were gonna do that then I'd not know what to make of Hotline Miami. I believe I get the gist of it, but there's a fair bit of vagueness A lot being open to interpretation.One thing quite clear however is that Hotline Miami is totally rad.You play a dude who wears rubber animal masks. And he kills people.Why it isn't immediately clear. You just go where the voice on the machine tells you to go and then you ki...

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excessive gore and excessive guilt 0

Hotline Miami made me feel guilty playing it. The last game I felt guilty playing was Nier (all y'all people who played Nier [all 5 of you] know what I mean), in fact. I think if you can make me feel guilty playing a game than you have achieved something great, regardless of how good the game is. Hotline Miami plays great, actually, which ties into the guilt in a way.You play as a guy who gets calls from people who tell him some obviously fake story. "Come down to (address), I need you to babysi...

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Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug 0

Okay, so there's obviously been lot of buzz surrounding this game on the gamer side (which is usually a better side for buzz to be on if I remember correctly). Definitively this game takes all of what is normal or expected out of an indie game and tosses it out of the window without a single blink or nod to whatever norm you or your friends were expecting. It encapsulates itself in extreme and bloody violence, drug usage, gang-related themes, and one hell of an "answer" that'll simply leave you ...

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Where have you been? 0

In all honesty, just watch the quick look (if you already haven't) and then buy or pirate (which the developer doesn't seem to mind you doing) the game. I made my mind up and bought it on steam after about 7 minutes in the QL. A review for this kind of game is superflous. It is an experience, not epic poetry. Try to review drugs or sex to me.I feel like I have waited a long time for this game. Most importantly for the simple fact that you are fragile, and each and everyone of your foes must be d...

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A High Octane and Super Visceral Treat 0

At first glance Hotline Miami might be easy to over look as some weird short-form over the top gore fest without anything else to offer.Well okay, Hotline Miami is defiantly a short-form super gore filled game, its also got a great story, tight controls, fantastic music, and huge amounts of replay value, all wrapped up in a $15 package.I myself kinda glossed over the game, as I will often do with things that seem like gore just for gore's sake or trying too hard to be trippy, but once I gave the...

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A Game That Deserves to be Played 0

Hotline Miami is, to put it bluntly, one hell of a game that is worth every penny. Now for anyone who doesn't know exactly what this game is it's a top down shooter that (once they get the gamepad support running again) resembles a dual joy stick shooter. Calling this game a dual joy stick shooter is doing a major injustice since it's very much a combat puzzle game as well, since death comes swiftly and viciously around every corner. With one wrong move you can be dead and have to restart at the...

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Neon-soaked Madness 0

There are a lot of similarities between Hotline Miami and my favourite movie of 2011, Drive. Like Drive, Hotline Miami has a celestial electronic-pop feel to its soundtrack, an unsettling level of brutality and a story that goes in an interesting direction. The game itself combines elements of fast-paced arcade style action with elements of stealth, which results in a satisfying experience that can also be very challenging at the same time if you don’t consider all of the consequences to your ac...

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I was dead and then I died. 0

Hotline Miami is a game set in the late 80s in Miami and is like if the movie Drive were a game on the Gameboy Color that was banned from every acre of land on this planet. Hotline Miami is about entering a room full of Miami gangsters and dying from the Miami gangsters and then restarting the level and then reentering the room full of Miami gangsters and clocking the first Miami gangster with your fist, taking his baseball bat and then bludgeoning the Miami gangsters sitting on a leather couch ...

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A brilliant puzzle-slasher with a thought-provoking story 0

Hotline Miami is a blast. One of my top 10 for 2012. It is ridiculously fun and rewarding, and excitingly gruesome. It has some of the same hooks as games like Super Meat Boy or Bit-Trip Runner, which is to say you always feel like death is your fault, and you can see how it could have been avoided and you never feel like the game mechanics are hindering your ability to complete the level; it is your fault. That is where the parallels can be drawn. But Hotline Miami is an entirely unique experie...

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Masked Mayhem 0

This game doesn't aim for much, but it achieves what it set out to achieve with spectacular results. Hotline Miami is fast, brutal and cheap (the good kind of cheap - wallet cheap)STORY:Hotline Miami doesn't have a particularly coherent storyline and the game isn't centered around it, but it does have one and it is fairly compelling, even if it is fairly minimalistic.You are an unnamed man (identified by the trademark B jacket he wears) living in 1989 Miami Florida. You wake up, you go to your p...

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Hypnotic violence 0

It’s 1989, Miami, Florida. You’re at your bachelor pad when the phone rings, seems it’s gone to voice mail. Past neon colored carpets, a sleeping hooker, and flies hovering over left open pizza boxes, it’s almost like you can smell the cigarette smoke emanating from the game world as you walk over to the answering machine. The message says some nonsense about you having to pick up laundry, so naturally that means hopping in your 82 Delorean out front, driving to some hideout, and putting on a fr...

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