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    Founded in 1995, Housemarque is a fusion of two earlier companies, Terramarque and Bloodhouse. The studio was acquired by Sony in June 2021.

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    Founded by the two Finnish founders of Terramarque and Bloodhouse, Housemarque was founded to tackle the PC game market with, while the previous company had been primarily focussed on the Amiga system. The first titles the company released for PC were, despite critical praise, no commercial successes. It was not before releasing Supreme Snowboarding (AKA Boarderzone) under publishing of Infogrames, Housemarque started to make some ground. They released two more snowboard-releated games for the XBOX and Nokia NGage. They also re-released their previous PC game as downloadable content for the PS3.


    Housemarque has released a number of games, beginning with multiple games made for the Amiga up to games for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

    1. Stardust (1993)
    2. Super Stardust (1995)
    3. Alien Incident (1996)
    4. The Reap (1997)
    5. Supreme Snowboarding (1999)
    6. TransWorld Snowboarding (2002)
    7. Super Stardust HD (2007)
    8. Golf: Tee It Up! (2008)
    9. Super Stardust Portable (2008)
    10. Dead Nation (2010)
    11. Outland (2011)
    12. Super Stardust Delta (2011)
    13. Furmins (2012)
    14. Resogun (2013)
    15. Alienation (2016)
    16. Super Stardust VR (2016)
    17. Nex Machina (2017)
    18. Matterfall (2017)

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