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The housewife is a traditional social role in which a married woman takes care of the house and children while her husband is at work. Activities generally thought of as being the duties of a housewife include cleaning, cooking, and generally keeping the house hospitable while also providing a safe, nurturing presence for children too young to leave home. As a social norm, it has often been subject to parody and subversion.

Housewives in Video Games


In EarthBound, Ness's mother is a housewife that provides a safe home for both Ness and his sister. After he leaves on his journey, Ness can call her to alleviate feelings of homesickness. If he returns home, she'll give him a nice meal and make sure that his bed is prepared for a pleasant night's sleep.

Samurai Warriors

The Samurai Warriors series parodies the idea of a happy housewife through the character Nene. First appearing in Samurai Warriors 2, she is the wife of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Though she is a ninja that fights on the battlefield and not a housewife per se, her personality is very much that of the stereotypical homemaker, demonstrated by her attitude toward certain activities such as preparing an enemy base for her husband's arrival by defeating the soldiers within and her mothering treatment of the allied troops.


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