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Hover! allows players to pilot a hovercraft-bumper car hybrid around three sets of maps: Medieval Castle, Sewers and Futuristic; each with their own unique tilesets.

Gameplay involved a capture the flag scenario against AI opponents or "drones". Around each map there were floating pods containing items to help or hinder the hovercraft's drivers goal. These items include:

CloakTemporarily hides the player from the drones
WallPuts up a temporary wall used to slow down a drone
JumpAllows the player to look over and jump onto low walls and platforms.
Mystery PodUnknown Item that is revealed by its corresponding sound effect
ShieldTemporarily grants the player invincibility from negative items and map effects
Green LightTemporarily increases the player's speed
Red LightTemporarily decreases the player's speed.
Map EraserRemoves a portion of the discovered map from the player's minimap. The player must return to that area to reveal that portion again.

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