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    Hoyle Casino Empire

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 25, 2002

    Casino Empire is a casino management strategy game from Sierra Entertainment. The game tasks the player with taking over a casino and making it profitable within a given time limit, although also included is a sand box mode where it's up to the player how he runs the casino.

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    In Casino Empire, you run the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. You have to lure celebrity's and events to your casino by having beautiful scenery and great games in and around your casino. The more of these you have, the higher your 'Stars' will be. These Stars are usually a part of the main goals, together with achieving certain levels in a casino. There are 4 levels in every casino, and you can buy these when you have enough Stars. This will unlock more games, more scenery and more hotel rooms.


    The games starts with you helping your cousin out. He bought a casino and didn't realize it would be so hard to make it profitable, and thought that you could save his behind again.

    The name for this casino is Buddy's Casino which is styled in a classic casino theme. He wants you to make 20.000$ and achieve a 75 star rating withing 2 in game years. This casino is used as a tutorial. You learn how to place the scenery, how to get certain events to your casino and what this will mean for your casino's bank account. One of the events that will take place during the 2 year run is a film shoot. This will require you to have 2 cashier boots. These will then close for 1 in game month, but you can place ATM's around so you patrons wont run out of cash. Also note that the maximum level you can achieve in this casino is level 2. Primarily because there isn't enough room to place things from higher levels in you casino.
    After the tutorial you get to run a Egyptian casino. Objectives are to gain 300 stars and earn $500.000. Time limit is 3 years. For this level a fast start with lots of income is needed because you can only gain - 120 stars every year. So at least 60 are needed in the first 12 months. If you do not have 60 it is nearly impossible to clear the level. 
    This casino is the first casino to feature more luxury expansions to the exterior of your casino, seeming the tutorial only has a few options. This is also the first time you can unlock level 3/4, unlocking bigger buildings and gambling options.  The casino consists out of one square area on a lower level in the middle of the room, and two small heightened areas next to the middle floor areas. The casino has 4 doors, on every side of the square room.
    After the Egyptian casino you gain access to a medieval casino. It is run by two brothers who are magicians. Because of their 'goth' lifestyle they scare employees and patrons away. So you are there to brighten the casino's dark image and to get money rolling again. The casino is not very broad, and has rectangle areas on different floors moving upwards. Every area has two doors trough which patrons can enter, and two big doors on the top and bottom of the hall. The exterior shows the casino is a big castle surrounded by walls and a bridge, which is lowered down so patrons can walk over it towards the entrance.  

    This is the first casino to have scenery upgrade with the casino level. When the level rises, dragons are spawned on a roster thats covering a lava pit. Patrons cannot walk on this roster due to obvious reasons. The dragons do not create appeal fields like scenery usually does.
    The next level is a small mobster-themed casino, which is owned by the son of the biggest mobster in town. Mobsters occasionally come into your casino's trowing trash on the floor or breaking your machines. He tells you to forget the past and hopefully make the casino a success, offering you half of the profits, which are never received by the protagonist. The casino is fairly small, as are the options to purchase additional hotel rooms and services. 

    One of the twists to this level is that you have to pay 5000$ every month, which can be quite a bargain in the first few months. Please note that it is possible to go into debit, but you will not be able to construct anything. Make sure you put down as many machines and tables as possible early on in the game to attract a lot of patrons to generating profits after the first few months.  

    You need to make an incredible 300 stars in just 2 1/2. This is literally impossible unless you make good use of the scenery in the casino. I recommend to fill the whole casino with machines and tables, and after 150 stars you should use on half of the casino as a high roller area, which will attract VIP's and professional gamblers. These will make the star-level shoot up, so you are able to purchase new levels, thus unlocking more high roller tables which have a one thousand doller limit, double the limit of craps and roulette tables.  
    The changing theme is a band which is located at the center of the casino. It starts out with a congo band and ends with a big rockband with pyrotechnics on the side of the stage. 
    After the mobster casino you get to a very large circus themed casino. The casino is very big and has lots of small spaces. One difficult thing is that you have to place a lot of camera's to cover every single inch of your casino. This is because the rivalry casinos keep on sending people to break your tables and machines. Also, it can be very difficult to have your engineers surveying certain areas. It is best to have a lot of engineers so you can assign them all to their own spaces. This is so they do not run around to places where tables are located, and leaving machine covered areas unsupervised. This casino isn't that hard. Just make sure you create a high roller area quickly to generate profits, and and lots of security to get rid of trespassers quickly.  
    The changing theme is a group of trapeze artists in the back who, as the level increases, do more dangerous stuff. One of the things are juggling on a rope above lions. 
    The next casino is a Pirate themed casino. The casino is run by a magnet who made money in the oil business. He married a showgirl who always wanted her own casino. 'Nuff said for him to try his luck on the Vegas Strip. They've been running the casino themselves for a while and have gotten into tremendous debts. Right after the first month, in which you get  25.000 dollar to start the casino, there will be 7.500 dollar deducted, likely leaving you behind in debt. Make sure you spend as much money as possible, so that the income will also be as much as possible. Recommended is starting everything off in one building cube close to a door. Make the prices as high as possible every once in a while, this will get cash flowing and give you the opportunity to get out of debt. For the first 5 months profit will be small, but after that patrons will settle in at your hotel and the circle will start to repeat itself. Do not spend any money for extra stars, as the stars will flow richly after you have your casino filled with items and statues. 
    The changing theme is on the water surrounding the casino cubes. The levels will add pirate ships, islands and shooting canons. 
    The next casino is an casino run by a mobster family. The casino is fairly small, just a little smaller then the other mobster casino run by the opposite mobster family. The request is if you can turn the dark casino in a hip place where local celebrities come to and young people will spend all their money. The reason why the family wants the casino to be populair at first instead of directly profitable is because they figure the money will start rolling in after the casino becomes the place to be on the Strip. The casino is surrounded by water, golden statues and dolphins, and has a Atlantis and Olympic theme. This can be done by achieving a lot of stars. Doing this in the timespan given, requires you to start building all your tables and machines next to big sceneries with the heaviest appeal radius. 
    Then comes the final casino. Ths casino takes the likings of the Strathospere Casino.  It is build on top of a giant Space Needle like building.
    Being the last level in the game, it is supposed to be the hardest. This however is not the case, there is a 3 year time spawn to achieve the objectives, and there are no monthly deductions from loans or mobsters. This level however, has limited wall space, making it very important that you start out by putting high roller and tourist machines and tables next to each other, until you have enough money to make a big area designed specially for high rollers. This is a great strategy to get some major stars, however this will costs rating, because most of the tourist will be dissatisfied with the service when lots of personell is high roller area only. Make sure that the bars and bathrooms are spread equally, and cashier's are further away. Making use of the ATM's will make sure no patrons run out of cash. Use a lot of tables, surrounded by machines. Patrons will walk onto the machines when trying to leave, making you a little extra money. The most important thing is to have the tourist area filled with machines and ATM's, and the high roller area with expensive tables. Do not spend to much wall space on special high roller buildings like restaurants or poker tournaments. Maker sure that there are enough bathrooms and waitresses. They will keep the high rollers busy.

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