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    Hsien-ko (Lei-Lei in Japan) is a playable character in the Darkstalkers series. Her twin sister Mei-Ling (Lin-Lin in Japan) can usually be seen accompanying her in some form.

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    Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

    Lei-Lei and Lin-Lin twin sisters, were born into a long line of powerful mystics. One day the spirits of the dead rose from their graves and laid siege to their small village. Their mother sacrificed herself using a powerful spell in order to save the village from these evil spirits. However this was no simple spell, for by sacrificing herself she in turn damned her soul to the darkness where it would endure untold horrors for an eternity. The young sisters, filled with mixed emotions casted their own spell. One of equal power and forbidden nature. This spell turned the twins into supernatural creatures allowing them to roam the darkness in hopes of finding and freeing their mother's soul from the dark.   
    By the end of Night Warriors the two sisters do end up releasing their mother's soul from the darkness. The catch is that this can only be done by switching places with her soul. However once freed, their mother saves them from the darkness and grants them the gift of reincarnation.  

    Darkstalkers 3

    In Darkstalkers 3 ("Vampire Savior" in Japan), the reincarnated sisters are 
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    living a happy and normal life. However, on the night of their sixteenth birthday they both have the same dream. The next morning when they awake they feel some sort of strange power running through their veins. That night they both have a strange nightmare and fall into a coma, their consciousnesses being transported to another realm. The dark realm of Makai.     
    The sisters find themselves in strange garments and are suddenly overcome with forgotten memories of a past life. They have somehow unleashed the powers of a forbidden spell and have themselves gained amazing new powers. The sisters do not fully understand these memories that are rushing over them but they do know one thing. If they are to have any chance of making it back home, it is by working together while traversing the darkness that lies ahead. At the end of Darkstalkers 3 Lei-Lei and Lin-Lin's mother returns them safely back to the human world. 
     Character Design  
    Lei-Lei displaying her obvious talents
    Lei-Lei displaying her obvious talents
    The design behind Lei-Lei was based on the mythical chinese creature Jiang Shi. Lin-Lin (her twin sister) is actually the ward-paper on Lei-Lei's hat.  When Lin Lin and Lei Lei are joined as one, Lei-Lei's powers increase, This allows her to use special abilities that she could not use otherwise. This is displayed in Darkstalkers 3 with the use of the Dark Force ability. Which when triggered, makes Lin-Lin leave Lei-Lei's body and appear in the background of the level  providing some kind of spiritual help. This allows Lei-Lei to move faster and makes her normal attacks do more damage, however she can not perform any special attacks.      

    Play Style/Special Moves

    Aside from her gigantic claws, Lei-Lei also has a massive arsenal of concealed weapons up her sleeve ready to be used at any second. Her normal punches make use of some of these weapons and therefore offer a very long range. She is capable of dashing back or forward while in mid air offering up many chances to confuse opponents. Her grounded forward dash makes her turn invisible, granting her the ability to pass through projectiles if timed just right.    
    Move List.  
    Move List.  
    Many of Lei-Lei's concealed weapons are showcased during her special attacks Her projectile throw "Anki Hou" has her throw one of the following; axe, boomerang, shrunken, sword, chun-li's wristguard, Vega's claw, hammer, boulder, barrel, bonsai, or star depending on what mood she's in. It is also important to note that using light punch to execute "Anki Hou" causes the projectile to move in a straight arc, not quite going all the way to the end of the screen. Using medium punch causes the projectile to travel in an upward arc, ideal as an anti-air attack. While heavy punch causes the projectile to be thrown straight up into the air, coming straight back down a few feet from where it was thrown. The ES version of this move causes Lei-Lei to roll three spiked cannon balls in quick succession at her opponent. 

    Lei-Lei can attack and reflect projectiles with her special attack "Henkyou Ki". In this attack she takes out a large gong with one claw while removing her other arm from it's sleeve and then bangs on the back of the shield with a hammer. This causes the gong to output a high frequency sound wave which can hit the opponent if close enough, or can deflect projectiles if timed right. This move can also be used in the air which is useful for halting forward motion and hitting any opponent which is jumping forward. The ES version of this attack makes the sound wave go further resulting in a three hit combo if it connects.

    The "Senpuu Bu" causes Lei-Lei to attach herself to the top of the screen with a ball and chain while moving back an forth like a pendulum, spinning blades twirling all around her. Not only is this a visually awesome move to watch, if it connects it results in an onslaught of combo hits. This move can also be used while in mid-air and is eligible for guard cancelling. The ES version of this move causes Lei-Lei to swing back and forth a few more times, making it last longer.

    The "Houten Geki" is a grab attack that throws the opponent in the air causing them to land back on a Lei-Lei who is by this time on her back spinning round and round, claws and all. This move can add up to major combo hits when paired with the ES version of Lei-Lei's ground attack (Which is pretty much the "Houten Geki" in reverse.)

    The EX move "Tenrai Ha" drops a giant weight in front of Lei-Lei (hopefully where her opponent is) making it rain down an onslaught of spiked cannon balls. This is an especially useful attack, as you could easily link it from a chain combo.

    The EX move "Chuukadan" make's Lei-Lei throw out a comical giant bomb with an emotive face and count down ticker. The bomb can be hit around by both opponents with attacks and whoever is inside the vicinity of the blast when it explodes gets damaged. This included Lei-Lei.

          Blades of the
          Blades of the "Chireitou"
    The EX move "Chireitou" causes Lei-Lei to unleash a row of giant swords that shoot forth from the ground, starting near Lei-Lei making their way to the other side of the screen. This move is best used when the opponent is near, for if one sword connects, all the ones behind it will also connect eventually


    • Lei-Lei's projectile special attack  "Anki Hou" has the possibility of throwing one of many different weapons at her opponent. However, in the consumer version of Night Warriors they added the rare possibility of a windmill or Akuma doll being thrown during the "Anki Hou".

    • In the four part anime "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge", Lei-Lei and her sister Lin-Lin play a significant role, helping out Donovan and his travelling companion Anita.  This is due to the fact that Donovan and Lei-Lei are the only characters in the Darkstalkers series that are self proclaimed "Vampire Hunters" and chose to fight the dark for the greater good.
    • The anime also portrays Lei-Lei's and Lin-Lin's origin story quite faithfully, implying that it was Pyron who was the one that sent the evil spirits to their village, leading to the events of their mother sacrificing herself.

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